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Reviews by JoJo Biggins

Ministry of Disturbance

by H. Beam Piper

This is an OK story. It\'s well-written, and even has a tiny twist at the end. However, there\'s nothing truly exciting going on, and the end of the story just peters out.

The Galactic Emperor plots to add some spice to his empire. Ho-hum.

Reviewed on 2016.04.06


by Everett B. Cole

I so wanted to give this story 4 stars. But the author bungled the ending. No matter how bad a jerk your hero is, you always want to see him get some sort of win in the end. This story disappoints in that respect. Otherwise, it\'s a good read.

An advanced alien culture has lost a series of technical gadgets on a backwards planet (presumably Earth, but never explicitly stated). The aliens now must retrieve their objects without disturbing the locals or their culture.

Reviewed on 2016.04.05

The Mind Digger

by Winston K. Marks

I\'m being very generous by rating this story at 3 stars. And that\'s a shame. There was so much good here, but the author just threw the ending away and ruined it. Nevertheless, worth the time to read.

A wonder boy starts producing smash Broadway plays. His talent eventually dries up. Sounds simple, but the author does a good job of keeping it interesting.

Reviewed on 2016.04.05

The Mighty Dead

by William Campbell Gault

Surprisingly good. Not great - but, good.

In a world where the printed word is banned, an enforcement officer must decide between his job and the tug of what is truly right.

Reviewed on 2016.03.31

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