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by Philip Wylie

Two words summarize this story: 1) weird, 2) pointless. Both of those words stem from the story being character driven rather than plot driven. I mean, seriously - there is no plot. This is the story of an extraordinary person trying to figure out who he is - and never finding the answer. He simply dies at the end of the story, and that's that. Pointless.

Nevertheless, the story is so different from any other that it is quite engaging. Unfortunately, it is dragged down by pointless and gratuitous sexual encounters, and quite a few instances of extremely offensive foul language. It also ridicules religion in the same vein as would a modern liberal. Quite a disappointment from a story that had so much potential.

Reviewed on 2014.08.20

The Girl in the Golden Atom

by Raymond King Cummings

This is an old adventure story much like told by Jules Verne. If you like that sort of stuff, you'll have a blast with this. Otherwise, it is a plot-starved, long-winded tale of another world.

The science is at about the level of a 1930's children's cartoon. Lots of problems with characterization, dialogue, etc., but not the worst story on this site by any means.

Reviewed on 2014.08.14

The Giants From Outer Space

by Geoff St. Reynard

Quite an entertaining story. Well written, and a unique idea. I'd give it 4 stars if it weren't for some isolated instances of extremely objectionable language.

Reviewed on 2014.08.11

Giants on the Earth

by Sterner St. Paul Meeks

A somewhat interesting story, but a little too swashbuckling for its own good. The science basis is laughable, and the attempt to explain Biblical references is lame. Nevertheless, there are worse stories on this site.

Reviewed on 2014.08.11

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