Reviews by JoJo Biggins

The Hampdenshire Wonder

by J. D. Beresford

Boring x10. Written in the grand and wordy style of the mid 1800's, if you like Wells, then perhaps you'll like this story. I became bored quickly, scanned through half the book and found *nothing* happening, and kicked it to the curb. Total waste of time.

Reviewed on 2015.01.15

The Hand

by Gerald Allan Sohl

The story starts off with a bang, keeping interest up until the end, where there is a slight twist, but is otherwise predictable. The biggest drawback to this story is how short it is - with such a good premise and writing, I wish the writer could have made more of it. I didn't care for the macabre tone of the story, but other than that, fairly well done.

Reviewed on 2015.01.15

The Hands

by Richard Sternbach

There's just not enough substance here to warrant any kind of positive recommendation. The author wanted to create a story of 600 words or less, and he achieved that - but little else. Nothing profound, exciting, new, or interesting here, folks. Skip it.

Reviewed on 2015.01.15

Hanging by a Thread

by Gordon Randall Garrett

An interesting premise, and the story goes on pretty well at first, but then gets seriously bogged down in the very specific details of a mechanical problem. The entire story becomes nothing more than a narrative of how to solve a mechanical problem.

The author attempts to throw in a twist at the end, but it's quite lame and adds little to the story.

Reviewed on 2015.01.15

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