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Reviews by JoJo Biggins

Question of Comfort

by Les Collins

A good, but not great, story. Holds interest throughout. The ending is a little weak, with an attempt at a twist that just comes off as additional (and unnecessary) information.

Two aliens, apparently capable of shape-shifting are marooned on Earth. One is a criminal, the other is a cop. The cop must find the criminal to save Earth. He does this by building an elaborate ride at Disneyland. Um, OK, *that\'s* certainly different.

Reviewed on 2017.08.23

The Quantum Jump

by Robert Wicks

This story had some potential, but it degrades into a quick and trite ending that is highly disappointing.

Men from Earth set out to be the first to reach Sirius. Let's just say they don't exactly meet their goal.

Reviewed on 2017.08.17

The Pygmy Planet

by Jack Williamson

A fairly entertaining story, though the "meat" of it doesn't last long and the ending is a quick let-down. Follow along as our hero rescues a damsel in distress from cyborgs on a shrunken planet.

Reviewed on 2017.08.16


by Frederik Pohl

Had this been written differently, it could have been the *beginning* of a good story. As it is, it\'s just starting to pick up speed when the author cuts it off, which ruined it for me.

A man kills his friend so that a potentially deadly secret cannot escape.

Reviewed on 2017.08.16

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