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Reviews by JonInFla

The River War

by Winston S. Churchill

I didn't find this difficult to read [but then I'm a glutton for military history] but I agree, a map of the Sudan and surroundings would be a help. While this, like most books of it's time and a lot later, shows an unacceptable level of bigotry,I find them interesting to see the unconscious feelings of the time. This is true of both fiction and non-fiction.

As an interesting sidelight, especially to anyone interested in firearms, Churchill was probably the first person to use an automatic pistol [semi-automatic] in combat. He had hurt his arm and couldn't handle a sabre, so carried a Mauser C-96 instead. Since it was only introduced 2 years earlier, it's probable that it had never been used in war before. Like Churchill, it lasted through WWII.

Reviewed on 2015.12.22

The Eyes Have It

by Gordon Randall Garrett

This is the first [or perhaps second] story in a series of detective stories by Gordon Randall Garrett and the only one, as far as I know that is in the public domain. It takes place in a parallel world where Richard the Lion-Hearted did not go Crusading but established continued the Plantagenet line down to the present day [of the stories]. They occur in the equivalent year that they were written. In this world the Laws of Magic were organized in the 15th Century and Science never developed. This story, while good, is not the best, and if you can find the full set, do so. If not, read this one; he uses Magic as Sherlock Holmes used Science, but with more logic. As most of Garrett's stories, the characters are well-drawn, and he slips in a little humor without it interfering with the story.

Reviewed on 2014.12.05

The Game of Rat and Dragon

by Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger

I don't understand the 2 star review; I thought the story was excellent, and the ending very clear. Read it for yourself; it's short and easy, but describes an interesting symbiotic relationship between humans and cats to protect spaceships from interstellar predators which can only be discovered by telepaths.

Reviewed on 2014.12.05

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