Reviews by Larry

Bob Hampton of Placer

by Randall Parrish

The first part of this book I would give 4*. The description of the Indian ambush and escape left me wanting to read more from this author. The plot leads to a climax at the battle of the little big horn. A mix of historical, mystery, adventure and romance. The author portrays Custer as heroic and betrayed by the Coward, Major Reno.

Reviewed on 2015.07.20

Ben Blair

by Will Lillibridge

The first part is exceptional with a host of strong complex characters. The stage is the plains,the plot involves a fantastic chase, and a near lynching. But the book goes downhill when the hero follows the heroine to NY.

Reviewed on 2015.07.13

The Desired Woman

by William N. Harben

Dolly (The Desired Woman) is almost too perfect and is desired by two men. One, Mostyn, who is imperfect and her first love. The second, Saunders, a man almost as perfect as Dolly. A good read about Atlanta after the Civil war.

Reviewed on 2015.07.02

Adventures in Southern Seas

by George Forbes

Pretty awful. Often absurd and sometimes bigoted. A third rate tale from a third rate "author".

Reviewed on 2015.06.01

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