Reviews by Larry

Air Service Boys Over the Enemy's Lines

by Charles Amory Beach

This book is one that was fun to read. I had the complete set of the Air Service Books - Originals.

They are as exciting today as they were for me 20 some odd years.

Reviewed on 2012.03.01

The Barrier

by Rex Beach

An easy and enjoyable read of adventure and romance. Characters could be stronger but great plot. A great book to curl up with on a rainy day.

Reviewed on 2012.02.26


by George Agnew Chamberlain

A well paced, manly short story. It is a somewhat formulaic river journey but worth it just to reach the wonderful conclusion. You will need to overlook the outdated racial stereotypes. It was from 1914.

Reviewed on 2010.12.04

Wreckers of the Star Patrol

by Malcom Jameson

Even for pulp, it's a little under written. It's light on character, light on ideas. It's basically a list of adventure moments without much to it.

Reviewed on 2010.06.30

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