Reviews by Larry

Heritage Perilous

by Jeffery Farnol

The author's over use of dialogue was annoying.

Reviewed on 2015.05.24

The Forfeit

by Ridgwell Cullum

Like the author's other books, his protagonists are humanly flawed. A good plot of twin brothers. One almost machine like perfect, the other meets an imperfect end. The surviver becomes successful and unknowingly marries the woman of his dreams, who is the direct cause of his twin's demise. A bitter sweet ending when he finds out the truth.

Reviewed on 2015.05.24

The Story of the Foss River Ranch

by Ridgwell Cullum

All characters are flawed. A fair plot with strong, if flawed characters.

Reviewed on 2015.05.24

The Lure of the Mask

by Harold MacGrath

This was not the best work by this author. The pace was far too slow. Mostly set in Italy where an American millionaire pursues a mysterious woman. The author writes in a clear style but he could have skipped the class on Italian classical culture.

Reviewed on 2015.03.30

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