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Claim Number One

by George W. Ogden

Not on the par with the Bondboy, another by the author. Numerous characters looking for a new start try for Claim Number One. A good plot, strong characters but weak on action.

Reviewed on 2015.02.16

The Ragged Edge

by Harold MacGrath

A slow evolving romance set in the China Seas, where important clues/facts are revealed just at the appropriate time. A young woman and man of two totally differant backgrounds meet under common necessities. Unlike other novels of this period the author doesn't try to impress with his vocabulary. Would give 5 stars except the ending got a little congested but happy.

Reviewed on 2015.02.07

The Bondboy

by George W. Ogden

A good read of Joe Newbolt whose mother is tricked into selling him into bondage by a cruel farmer. Joe is accused of murder and must make a honorable decision to keep from hanging. Not as much unnecessary verb age as most novels during this period.

Reviewed on 2015.01.31

Air Service Boys Over the Enemy's Lines

by Charles Amory Beach

This book is one that was fun to read. I had the complete set of the Air Service Books - Originals.

They are as exciting today as they were for me 20 some odd years.

Reviewed on 2012.03.01

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