Reviews by Larry

The Carpet From Bagdad

by Harold MacGrath

Excellent plot and unique characters make for a good read. Although set almost a hundred years ago, would make a good background for an adventure movie. Not as good as Jagged edges but Worth the time.

Reviewed on 2015.03.07

Trail's End

by George W. Ogden

Calvin Morgan, a former cowhand, and lately, former professor of agriculture arrives in the wildest cow town on the prairie. He is looking for land to grow wheat.
This book has it all. A great plot with plenty of actions and strong characters that carry the author's theme of stoic honor and honesty.

Reviewed on 2015.02.26

The Watchers of the Plains

by Ridgwell Cullum

The first few chapters were great with a lot of action but the pace did not keep up with the plot. Still a good read.
Seth rescues a young girl from a Indian raiding party and it her home to be raised by his adopted family. They name her Rosebud because she has no memory and because of being found close and the Rosebud River. They survive an evil uncle, Indian attacks, and love.

Reviewed on 2015.02.21

The Sagebrusher

by Emerson Hough

Sim Gage, the Sage Brusher, is an unattractive, uninspired, middle aged owner of a small ranch who lives in squalor. His neighbor decides that he needs a wife to straighten him up. Mary Warren, a poor, partially blind and educated sales worker from Cleveland answers his ad for a bride. This could have been a great plot but the author introduces anarchists in the story.

Reviewed on 2015.02.16

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