Reviews by Leah A. Zeldes

The Egyptian Cat Mystery

by Harold Leland Goodwin

More adventure than science, a kind of mix of the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift.

Reviewed on 2015.03.21

The Message

by Louis Tracy

A British army captain, on leave from West Africa, meets a pretty girl and a strange carved head that leads them both into deadly adventures. Nothing deep, but a pretty good page turner.

Reviewed on 2015.03.21

The Planet Strappers

by Raymond Z. Gallun

A rather poignant story about a group of space-mad youths and what happened to them, with all the individualism and do-it-yourself gusto of the 1950s and '60s. It's a decent tale if you can ignore the obsolete science and economics, and resist the idea that the "bubbs" (space habitats) might just as well be covered wagons.

Reviewed on 2015.03.20

The Diamond Coterie

by Lawrence L. Lynch

Wow! This is some mystery. Densely and complexly plotted; full of complications, interesting characters, layered secrets and nefarious schemes; fast paced a real page turner. It begins with a burglary and a runaway marriage and progresses through blackmail, murder and trumped-up accusation. Heiresses, hidden identities and disguised detectives all feature. There's some thwarted romance, for good measure.

Some of the plot devices have become cliches since 1882, but probably hadn't when this was written, and anyway, there are so many things going on, it doesn't matter you won't puzzle them all out till the very end.

Reviewed on 2015.03.20

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