Reviews by Lisa Carr

When the Ku Klux Rode

by Eyre Damer

An interesting "balanced" account of the Civil War reconstruction in Alabama written by a Southern gentleman. He goes out of his way not to portray blacks as animals, and only mentions Southern womanhood once, but it's hard not to see his bias. A white man kills a black man and is arrested; the witnesses can't be found. A black man is accused of a murder and arrested, and the Klan breaks him out of jail then hangs and shoots him. All as it should be.
The Klan is basically a peaceful organization, practising military drills and chastising dishonest officeholders until they resign and are replaced by the more fitting Southern whites. When this is accomplished in 1870, the Klan disbands.
Some people will find this more believable than others. I'm one of the others.

Reviewed on 2015.09.02

What's He Doing in There?

by Fritz Reuter Leiber, Jr.

A turquoise Martian makes first contact with an anthropologist at his home. Everything is cordial until the Martian asks to use the facility.
A one joke story.

Reviewed on 2015.09.02

Thad's Watchers: A Study in Expediency

by George Allan England

Written when a $400 house was something to envy and "worked like a n-" was thought a harmless comment, this is an okay story of two friends keeping watch over an 86 year old farmer, wondering when he would die. All the conversation is in dialect, with clear descriptive paragraphs dropped in every now and then to give a rest from the near-gibberish.
The writing is very good. I'm not sure the ending was worth it.

Reviewed on 2015.08.24


by Frederic Brown

An excellent two-man story. The Outsiders have invaded our galaxy and are bent on destroying humanity. As the big interstellar showdown approaches, two scout ships, one from each side, scuffle, then the pilots wake up to find themselves naked on a blue world under a scorching blue dome that exists nowhere, and outside time.
They are separated by a force field, but are expected to fight to the death, with the loser's entire race to be annihilated.
An absorbing story, with a truly strange alien.

Reviewed on 2015.08.24

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