Reviews by Lisa Carr

The Right of American Slavery

by True Worthy Hoit

A vile little philosophical argument in favor of keeping blacks enslaved, that every thinking person should read. It is philosophical in that he doesn't quote the Bible; instead, he appeals to reason. His Christianity leaks out in places, as when he cites "the One who made us all," and when he abhors African "pagan gods," but finds Greeks and Romans admirable without mentioning their gods.
His basic premise is, "The meanest slave that wears the shackle or feels the whip of civilization, in the reluctant performance of coerced labor, is a far nobler being than the African barbarian in his native wilds." Treat the work as an exercise in finding logical flaws.
He opens the piece with a patriotic appeal to stop debating the issue, and pretty much execrates everyone who disagrees with him. He has sources of knowledge unavailable to mortal men. For instance, he knows that the reason England abolished slavery was to embarrass its former colonies.
It belongs on the same shelf as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Reviewed on 2014.10.23

Under King Constantine

by Katrina Trask

Three stories written in the 1890s that take place around Camelot after Arthur has died, and Lancelot & Guinevere have disappeared. They're not bad, but they're not Malory (or even Tennyson.) The language is a mixture of modern writing with old-timey talk mushed together. It appears (from the capitalizations) to have been written in blank verse, but the line breaks have been obliterated.
It's a curiosity, like a mummy: the Victorians enjoyed them.

Reviewed on 2014.10.22

The Vampire

by Jan Neruda

A very good story for its brevity. Set on a Turkish holiday island, the descriptions, characterizations and moody atmosphere are surprisingly good for something so short.
It's not a spoiler to mention that no one sucks blood.

Reviewed on 2014.10.22

We Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Hardly

by Roger Kuykendall

A silly sci-fi story about kids who build an anti-gravity spacecraft and fool with things they shouldn't.
It's a lark, don't expect too much, and you'll be entertained.

Reviewed on 2014.10.22

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