Reviews by Lisa Carr

The Beach Scene

by Albert Berg

Well, yes, I did see the ending coming from almost the first time the painting was mentioned. I must be too blasť, stuff like this doesn't thrill me or give me nightmares.
If you like boogie-boogie stories, you might like this, other reviewers have. When you've finished it, please download The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Reviewed on 2015.07.27

Captain Innocencio

by Rex Beach

A rather amoral Haitian seaman decides the tribal law of the San Blas natives forbidding outsiders to interbreed with them doesn't apply to him. He has noticed a native girl and means to have her.
An easy-going story of doom, with much good description, bloody action, and good characterizations. If you like Caribbean adventure stories, this is a good one.

Reviewed on 2015.07.27

Doom of the Griffiths

by Elizabeth Gaskell

A Welsh traitor is condemned to a long life of scorn and cursed that his children will always have bad luck, and in the 10th generation the son will kill the father and the family line will end. This is the story of the 9th and 10th generations, and the slowly evolving resolution of the curse.
Some good descriptions and plotting. I felt it was a short story rather than a historical account, just as Hamlet is a play rather than a historical account.

Reviewed on 2015.07.27

What The Left Hand Was Doing

by Gordon Randall Garrett

Written in 1960, set in 1990. A Chinese-American physicist on the track of interstellar propulsion is kidnapped and a double substituted and killed while he is attending a conference in Peiping. An agent of a secret US spy agency with psi powers is dispatched to find and rescue the scientist.
An okay story, but almost fantasy because if the guy can do anything, where's the conflict? Even James Bond needs a rocket pack to levitate. When the hero has only one limitation--he gets tired--you might as well read a Superman comic book.

Reviewed on 2015.07.24

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