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Reviews by Lisa Carr


by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

A somewhat puerile satire with the same attitude as Candide, but not a lot of humor and no plot. It concerns the notes of several lectures to students on the topic of conning and bilking people for your own advantage.

Reviewed on 2016.09.10

Tape Jockey

by Tom Leahy

A story really only marred by the technology of the time--tape recorders. In a society broken into castes, each caste is broadcast music each night that will soothe and reassure it. A newspaper reporter interviews Mr. Pettigill, the man who has been in charge of the tapes and broadcasts for 20 years. The reporter's idle question sets a chain of events going.
It's a two-character story, and the characters have little back-story, but the plot was entertaining.

Reviewed on 2016.02.16

To Be Read At Dusk

by Charles Dickens

An odd ghost story without a ghost. Set in Switzerland, it is the overheard story of another place. Why Switzerland? why not just tell the story? Beats me.
The story itself is thin and unfrightening.
Not one of Chuck's better efforts.

Reviewed on 2016.02.12

The Tower of Dago

by Mór Jókai

A very well-translated story of an officer of the Tsar's navy who is betrayed by his younger brother and branded a traitor. He flees Russia and is shipwrecked on an island between the Baltic and Sea of Finland. He builds a tower there and passes himself off as a Satanic Alchemist.
Years pass, and he gradually trains his son to be the instrument of his revenge.
The story moves along quite well, and the main characters are well-drawn.

Reviewed on 2016.02.12

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