Reviews by Lisa Carr

Occasion... for Disaster

by Gordon Randall Garrett

Evidently, this is the second novel in the trilogy that began with Brain Twisters. In this, the FBI agent Malone, who has precognition and is able to teleport himself, is assigned to find the Russian(?) agents who are sabotaging the nation's computers and causing errors that are bringing down the government. And the trade unions. And the Mafia.
The middle is a bit too long, but the premise is interesting; the ending is a bit confusing.
If you believe in the possibility of psi powers, you'll enjoy the story.

Reviewed on 2014.12.14

The River of Death

by Fred M. White

A prescient story of a prolonged drought and heat wave in England, leading up to the Thames shrinking. Then, Bubonic Plague is found upstream, and most of London's drinking water is cut off.
A convincing account of rioting to get water, that unfortunately pulls it punch at the end. Well, the author had to end it some way; at least they didn't turn into zombies.

Reviewed on 2014.12.13

Prodigal Son

by Lewis Shiner

A good detective story set in Austin, TX, about a kid who was abducted when he was two years old suddenly walking into a detective's office ten years later. But things are and are not as they seem. Each rock that gets turned over reveals another secret.
It's not a story where all the clues are spread out for you to see; you have to stick with the story and trust the detective.

Reviewed on 2014.12.11

The Outlaws

by Selma Lagerlöf

A simple, but nicely written story of two outlaws, a murderer and a thief, who meet in a Norwegian forest and join together to live in the forest. The writing is beautiful. The characters are well-drawn, the descriptions (especially of nature) are evocative, and the plot moves in a leisurely way to doom their friendship.
Something to save for the times when you have no patience for clumsy writing.
Unfortunately, there are typos that spoil the rhythms at times.

Reviewed on 2014.12.09

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