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Reviews by Marc


Great story but this is only Part I of II. If you want to read the entire thing the novelized version is entitled Brainwave. Still, highly recommended.

Reviewed on 2010.06.04

Toy Shop

by Harry Harrison

I've actually read the story in the original Analog magazine. (I picked up a bunch of old Sci-Fi magazines from a yard sale). This text appears to be complete to the best of my recollection.

Fun little cynical story

Reviewed on 2010.01.06

Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons

by Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot

Great so far, with lots of twists. Not sure if it's really non-fiction, but even if not it's an exciting story.

Reviewed on 2009.10.05

Simple Sabotage Field Manual

by Strategic Services

Predicting new titles that Greg Homer will tackle with his unique breed of comedy is getting too easy; I called this one yesterday. Homerfodder. We need a new nom du keyboard, someone with a higher vision of comedy. And someone who, I daresay, really leaves when he says he is going to. ;-)

Anyway, I read the book. It has the basic saboteur's info, but it also contains material on how to manipulate people into conducting sabotage for you.

If you ever read Gimpel's "Agent 146", the story of a German spy in America during WWII, you'll start to understand that the front-line spies and saboteurs lead a uniquely depressing lifestyle. As a spy/saboteur, your superiors don't really care about what happens to you, you can't really trust anyone, and you have to convert your mind away from the constructive/creative mode that most aspire to.

As this book (inadvertently) shows, a saboteur is not some creative Robin Hood type so much as someone who fell prey to brainwashing and ended up as a thug doing their runner's bidding.

For example, what benefit do you gain from polluting your own water supply? Here you may be part of a resistance movement supporting a cause kept at bay hundreds of miles away from your location. What good does it do to potentially kill your friends and family while you wait for help?

The most critical thing to do if you find yourself surrounded by the enemy: Get Out. Don't stay and turn yourself into an anti-worker who dreams of comeuppance.

Finally, this book is dated in terms of technology and does not take into account video/audio/physical surveillance.

I know all this from experience; I served as commissar in a very backwards country during the Cold War.

In a computer game.

Reviewed on 2008.08.06

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