Reviews by Paulo Respighi

The Delegate from Venus

by Henry Slesar

This isn't too original a story. The Earth is informed by a mysterious satellite that Venus has been watching us and is sending a representative with a message. The messenger turns out to be a robot, and the message a threat.
It's a bit dated, and the ending seems impossible to accomplish. Everyone in the story has a Y chromosome.

Reviewed on 2014.08.20

Fist and Fang

by Robert E. Howard

Howard could add depth to any kind of story. This is one of his boxing stories, but the boxer has left the ring and is sailing the South Seas. He and a friend have run off to visit a native friend, and find out the old chief has been killed, and his replacement is the boxer's old enemy.
There is a graphic, extended, bare-knuckle boxing match.
It's not Joseph Conrad or even Jack London, so it doesn't have quite the atmosphere of someone who had actually visited the place, but it's tight and well-crafted.

Reviewed on 2014.08.15

Warrior Race

by Robert Sheckley

I have to revise my rating of this story. After more than two months, I am still thinking of parts of it, particularly the natives' method of warfare.
Parts of the story clunk, and if you don't buy the premise, you'll hate it, but anything that sticks with me that long I consider worth reading.

Reviewed on 2014.08.13

The Day of the Dog

by Anderson Horne

A creepy little story from the days before manned space flight when no one knew what space radiation might do to a man, but most ideas ran along the lines of The Blob.
A husband and wife sailing in the Caribbean see a parachuting capsule about the same time the capsule carrying America's first human is due to land. Their capsule has a dead Russian dog. At least it seems to be dead.
Sure, the premise has been disproved, but it's just a story and will kill some time.

Reviewed on 2014.08.12

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