Reviews by Paulo Respighi

The Tomb's Secret

by Robert E. Howard

One of Howard's clunkers. A detective (in San Francisco, perhaps?), is going after the heathen Chinese mastermind behind the murder of millionaires and the theft of their teeth. On a scale of one to ten, this is pretty damn racist stuff. The plot turns out to be silly, and even the descriptions, Howard's strong point, are dull and hackneyed. No dames, not even to be rescued.
I'll quickly forget this story, that's why I'm reviewing it: so that I can warn myself away from downloading it again.

Reviewed on 2014.07.15

The Very Black

by Dean Evans

The slang talk between the main character and his girlfriend that opens the story is very irritating. The personification of his imagination is an interesting idea, but the story doesn't go anywhere.

Reviewed on 2014.07.15

Noble Redman

by J. F. Bone

It's got nothing to do with Indians, not even as an insult. An adventure story, set on Mars after the final war turned the Earth into a radioactive world and forced the colonization of the stars. An odd fellow speaking a strange dialect shows up in a bar claiming to have found the gold he's throwing around in the Martian desert. Then he has the ill manners to win at dice and roulette.

People behave more realistically than they do in space operas, but this isn't much more than that, and the plot is trivial.

Reviewed on 2014.07.11

Cue for Quiet

by Thomas L. Sherred

A rather long pulp story that gets a second wind when the government gets involved. What starts out as a fairly standard story about a factory worker who discovers he can shut off (ruin) noisy machines, turns into a bit of a nightmare when the Feds discover his secret. Some nice comments about the cold war balance of terror, about slimeball legislators and pompous generals and scientists.

The main character is nicely drawn, and develops through the story. Some of the minor characters are sympathetic. I have to admit the memo at the end of the story completely baffled me.

Reviewed on 2014.07.09

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