Reviews by Paulo Respighi

J. Cole

by Emma Gellibrand

A short novella in which a rich Englishwoman in the 19th century advertises for a servant and ends up with a bizarre runt of a boy with a good heart. The story is sweet, then turns dark.
I've often wondered how servants really felt about their "betters." This story makes the class system seem almost normal.
Good characterizations, the description is pretty good, and the plot works.

Reviewed on 2014.08.08

The Jungle Baby

by George Edward Farrow

The story seems to be designed to read to children at bedtime. It is set in India, and the characters are a white youngster and various animals with cute names. The snake tricks the child into the jungle where the animals will eat it.
It's pretty mild stuff, and good if you want to indoctrinate your kids into trusting animals that will kill them.

Reviewed on 2014.08.08

The Genius

by Con Pederson

A brilliant and acclaimed musician and painter, Sethos gave up those things and now worked his artistry designing plants. But he was bored. The robot lands surrounding the human enclave were seldom visited by humans they served, but Sethos was the finest existing human mind, and he was bored.

A good twist at the end.

Reviewed on 2014.08.05

This Crowded Earth

by Robert Bloch

A novel that predicts huge populations living in megalopolises eating manufactured food. The main character goes crazy and wakes up in an idyllic sanitarium. But--
Some of the predictions are a bit off, but one of the characters was an old sci-fi writer who explains what would have happened in a story--then it doesn't, a nice touch.
Women exist as breeding stock.
I have to admit I liked the book more at the beginning than at the end.

Reviewed on 2014.08.03

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