Reviews by Paulo Respighi

A Bottle of Old Wine

by Richard O. Lewis

An unhappy husband spends his evenings teleported at a nightclub for teleporters. The problem when no one is who they seem is that sometimes they are someone whom they don't seem.

A pretty good story, but I saw the ending coming.

Reviewed on 2014.04.16


by James Causey

A fairly good mystery tacked onto a "all the many ways a planet can kill you" story. The character dynamics are actually more interesting than the planet's secret.

A small ship is sent to discover why the colonizing ship on a new planet broke off all contact.

Reviewed on 2014.04.16

The Way of the Bow

by Paulo Coelho

I found this strangely unaffecting. Not much of a story--a boy discovers that the humble carpenter of the village is the country's best archer when a stranger comes to town to challenge the carpenter. Then the master explains all about archery and life to the kid on the way home.

Seems like Zen for Dummies.

Reviewed on 2014.04.15

The Vilbar Party

by Evelyn E. Smith

A strange science fiction story that ignores every known fact about Saturn. An antisocial Saturnian professor flies to Earth as part of an exchange program, and finds the prejudice he encounters is not quite what he expected.

It's cute and short, if that's what you're looking for.

Reviewed on 2014.04.15

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