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Abducted to Oz

by Chris Dulabone

Edwin McCain released it in 1999, and Sara Evans reamde it and released it in 2001.Here's an excerpt from an article I found:"I Could Not Ask for More" is a pop song composed by Diane Warren. It was first recorded by American artist Edwin McCain; released in 1999, McCain's version was the last single from his album Messenger. Released in 2001, Sara Evans' cover version of the song was the second single from her 2000 album Born to Fly. Evans' version was a Top 5 hit on the country music charts.

Reviewed on 2013.08.06


by Fanny Burney

If you like Austen books you will like this novel as well, in spite of being less realistic than Austen ones.
I was truly surprised with Fanny Burney, an author I didn't know about. I read first this Evelina, then Cecilia, and now I am reading Camilla. I recommend them all.
Zaragoza, Spain.

Reviewed on 2009.11.22

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