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Reviews by T. Carrion


Well, first off, I really enjoyed the story as a whole. It was interesting, kept me thinking and I did want to keep reading the entire time.

There was only one problem with this great story! I don't know if it has anything to do with it being a British book or not. Perhaps people in Britain can read the occasional huge words he used. I am a medical student, and I had to keep my dictionary handy for some of the amazing words, a few of which my dictionary did not have. That is okay for lots of people, I am sure but I don't think everyone can handle that. In the United States, most books are written on the sixth grade level, unless they are science, textbooks, or something educational. This is so everyone can read it. I just loved the story but wow!

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of smart people here, but I don't think most would want to look things up while they are trying to get into a book. We like immediate satisfaction and quick understanding of the story lines. Also, it has a lot of homosexual descriptions in it and some rape of women. I just want you to know, in case you are triggered by things like that. It could bother sensitive readers who are uncomfortable with rape. I will tell you though, it is a good story. The author really knows his stuff. You can tell he is an intelligent person! Check it out if you aren't bothered by some of what I said. It will be worth it!

Reviewed on 2010.01.31


by Alan Nourse

Well, it had the promise of sounding pretty good at the start but it was very short, which is not a problem, if you have a good plot. It was about a man from a parallel universe who came to Earth. The whole story is based on a scene where the man talks to a magazine article writer. That's all there is, just that one talk and it ends very unsatisfying without action. It is kind of confusing at first, trying to figure out the ending and how it relates to the story. It gives you sort of a feeling of, "Oh well, whatever." I was really hoping for something to shock me or surprise me somewhere but, it was pretty tame and simple. The writer writes well, it's easy to read but I think most people would be disappointed

Reviewed on 2010.01.30


by J.L. Bryan

Very good story! I was surprised to find this. It is about a future America with a powerful government. Reminds me of 1984, how things are controlled and people are given a different version of reality from what is really true. Land of the free but no one is really free.

A man finds himself shifted into a totally different life from the one he has known so long. He must keep running, or lose his life because he knows way too much. He meets several interesting characters, learns to keep his eyes open, and protects those who would help him to survive!

It's a very good story! There were a few things that happened so fast that I got just a tad confused on a few scenes but it is worth the read. It is well written, and exciting! Check it out!

Reviewed on 2010.01.26

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