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wow, what a read! the story keeps me reading nonstop until finish. what i find especially endearing about it is the seemingly unchalant humor abundant. though around the middle the plot is kind of convoluted in an unnecessary way which lost me here and there and made me backtrack several times and the ending is a little bit rushed and has left too much unexplained and too many loose ends untied. one more thing, i heard there is a sequal coming, hope some characters get more developed this time.

Reviewed on 2010.06.24

The War of the Worlds

by H.G. Wells

i saw the 2005 movie adaption, not very impressed, yet i know that adaptions nowadays tend to lose the better parts of whatever they adapt. boy i am not mistaken in that! definitely more fun from the read than from the view, strongly recommended to anyone who likes the intense, gruesome, despair and many other things in a story!

Reviewed on 2010.06.08


despite a little slow paced and a few unwrapped loose ends, this story actually has me hooked from the part where Martin has his first back street tour till tthe end, which is, by the way, a little bit two rushed and hasty for any emotional deposit for the suffered. good read overall and for those interested, you can check out the author's other story available here, havest, another great one.

Reviewed on 2010.06.08


overall a great read with solid narration and involving storyline. the development of several characters appears a bit rushed so much so that they are depicted acting and reacting differently even on two successive pages. also i couldnt find out what became of some of the characters i really care to find out, hope it could be cleared up in the epilog, pity!

Reviewed on 2010.05.23

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