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The Betrayal

by E. Phillips Oppenheim

Finding his appointment for employment unexpectedly cancelled, a young man accepts a secretarial position with a Duke in a small English seaside village and soon finds himself at the heart of an international conspiracy. A page turner with a nice level of suspicion and suspense throughout.

Reviewed on 2015.06.30

Cashel Byron's Profession

by George Bernard Shaw

A wealthy and highly educated youhg heiress forms a relationship with a professional prize fighter, causing quite a turmoil in class-conscious English society. The book has some good moments but sometimes I wondered where the story was going - and how long it was going to take to get there.

At the conclusion (during Cashel's trial), there is a block of several pages of text which is out of sequence.

Reviewed on 2015.06.28


by Pierre Souvestre

The brilliant French Dective Juve theorizes that a series of high profile robberies and murders are all the doing of one brilliant criminal - Fantomas. But can he prove it in a court of law? And before he even tries Juve must answer two additional questions. Does Fantomas even exist? And if so, how can he be located and captured?

PS - about the "hot wine salad" in the Saint-Anthony's Pig saloon. I don't speak French but a bit of googling tells me that "hot wine salad" is better translated as "bowl of warm wine". I don't know why this bothered me but the thought of these people enjoying hot wine salad would have seemed out of character.

Reviewed on 2015.06.23

The Woman Chaser

by Charles Willeford

A successful used car salesman turns his hand to the motion picture business with disastrous results. A rambling, boring, and sometimes disgusting tale. Unfortunately I cannot unread this book, but I look forward to forgetting it soon.

Reviewed on 2015.05.22

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