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Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer

by Cyrus Townsend Brady

This is a bold and brutal novel of nautical piracy, treachery, revenge, and punishment. The romantic interest is well written and complements the story. Pirate and pulp fans - give it a try.

Reviewed on 2014.12.09

The Secret Passage

by Fergus Hume

This is an excellent mystery novel, the best Fergus Hume book I have read yet. Detective Jennings suspects nobody, yet at the same time suspects everybody. His interviews of potential suspects are brilliant. The book takes a while to get started - at the beginning many characters are rapidly introduced and not much happens. Persevere through the slow start and you will be rewarded.

Reviewed on 2014.12.02

The Carnivore

by G.A. Morris

Peaceful aliens comfort the remnants of the human race after world war. Good short story with a good ending, although not the ending I had anticipated.

Reviewed on 2014.11.25

Shock Treatment

by Stanley Mullen

A murder conspiracy on Venus leads to alien contact and a warning for humanity. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 2014.11.23

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