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The Blood Ship

by Norman Springer

One of the best nautical novels I have found on this site. A young sailor attempts to prove himself by enlisting for a commercial voyage on a tough ship, and finds more trouble than he bargained for.

Reviewed on 2015.01.10

The Czar's Spy

by William le Queux

This is a very good novel of multiple crimes and political intrigues. Don't hold your hopes too high of figuring it all out, not even the characters know what is happening. Good entertainment.

Reviewed on 2015.01.08

The Blind Spot

by Austin Hall

A prominent professor of philosophy claims to have tangible proof of occult phenomena and schedules a lecture to present his findings. The professor vanishes shortly before his lecture, last seen in the company of a mysterious stranger. The book contains some interesting ideas and characters, but points of interest are few and far between. A good editor could probably extract a four star short story from this bloated two star novel.

Reviewed on 2015.01.01

Talents, Incorporated

by Murray Leinster

Excellent sci-fi novel - a very entertaining story of interstellar conquest, resistance, and paranormal mental activites. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 2014.12.30

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