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Black Bartlemy's Treasure

by Jeffrey Farnol

A former nobleman is obsessed with his quest for vengeance for having been unjustly sentenced to a term of slavery on a Spanish galleon. Circumstances lead him to take up with a band of pirates seeking hidden treasure, and although vengeance must be delayed his obsession continues to drive his every action.

The romantic interest is well written and enhances the story nicely. A downside to the novel is the protagonist's obsession and self-destructive behavior constantly being used as the vehicle to move the plot forward. This wears thin after awhile - but still a very good read.

Reviewed on 2014.02.07

Alien Cradle

by Jeff Inlo

Interstellar government corruption, scientific deception, experiments out of control, and space pirates all threaten Regency government stability. Small time independent space scout Rath Scampion lands in the wrong place at the wrong time and finds himself an unwilling participant. Don't expect a hero - he just wants to be left alone. A good SF read with some interesting concepts.

Reviewed on 2014.02.01

The Sea Wolf

by Jack London

This is a brilliant tale of perseverance and development of inner strength. A gentleman-scholar is forcibly enlisted as a crew member on a seal hunting ship under a tyrannical captain. A great book in spite of a clumsy and cliched romantic interest.

Reviewed on 2014.01.22

The Legion of Lazarus

by Edmond Hamilton

Very good SF novella with some interesting plot elements including restoration to life for execution victims, mental enhancement, and humankind's first starship.

Reviewed on 2014.01.18

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