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The Buttoned Sky

by Geoff St. Reynard

On a future earth, a hero arises to lead a rebellion of enslaved miners against human nobles and technologically advanced aliens. What a hero he is - tirelessly fighting endless streams of noble and alien enemies while absorbing injuries that would stop a batallion. His lady is beautiful; unlike our hero, she is never seriously wounded, but instead suffers from frequent shredding or loss of clothing. A wild and fast paced sf read which you may enjoy or hate depending on your preferences. The cover art is good in that it is true to the descriptions in the book.

Reviewed on 2014.04.02

The Last Place on Earth

by James Judson Harmon

An evil alien takes posession of an undertaker and uses mind control on local citizens. Recommended only as a cure for insomnia.

Reviewed on 2014.03.24

Rupert of Hentzau

by Anthony Hope

This book is the sequel to "Prisoner of Zenda" and brings back many of the same characters as they continue with plots and counter-plots against each other. Although I enjoyed "Prisoner", I had trouble getting through "Rupert". Did every character in this book take an overdose of stupid pills? The plot is simply too contrived to be taken seriously.

Reviewed on 2014.03.22

The Stars, My Brothers

by Edmond Hamilton

This SF story was written back in the day when it was considered certain that: 1) We are destined someday to explore intestellar space, and, 2) We will encounter intelligent life during our explorations.

Although neither supposition is a certainty anymore, the idea considered in this story is still interesting. What ethical issues arise if we discover a world with a dominant and technically advanced non-human species, with primitive humans living as animals?

Reviewed on 2014.03.22

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