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Voodoo Planet

by Andre Norton

A forest ranger struggles against a witch doctor on a distant planet at the edge of galactic civilization. The story contains some interesting ideas, such as the use of hypnotism and power of suggestion as weapons. This would have been better as a longer book with additional explanation and character development. It is a pretty good read, the author just tried to cram too much content into too few pages.

Reviewed on 2015.04.08

Gone Fishing

by James H. Schmitz

A schemer attempts to acquire a working matter transmitter secretly developed by a retired physicist. A wonderful story, highly recommended.

Reviewed on 2015.04.06


by James H. Schmitz

The discovery of "Plasmoids", developed and used by an ancient and advanced galactic civilization, has the good guys scrambling for control while the bad guys attempt a series of nefarious plots. I agree with a previous review, in that a lot of info is withheld until late in the book. Still an entertaining read, however.

Reviewed on 2015.04.02

Lion Loose

by James H. Schmitz

A shipment of Hlats, fierce and intelligent animals with the ability to pass through solid matter and of great potential commercial value, attracts criminals to the luxury space resort known as The Star. Tough criminal of repute, "Bad News" Quillan, has his own agenda as mayhem erupts. A good space / pulp short novella.

Reviewed on 2015.03.21

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