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The Green Mummy

by Fergus Hume

Attempts by an obsessed professor of Egyptology to obtain a rare mummy come crashing down when his assistant is found murdered. The book is a slow starter, but press on and you will be rewarded with a complex and well written mystery.

Reviewed on 2015.02.21

The War In Heaven

by Theodore Beale

This is an ok adventure / fantasy story of epic good vs. epic evil, with large doses of teen angst. The book is extremely heavy with religious themes and characterizations, although some of the characters underwhelm due to surprising limitations. It is worth a read if you like the genre, just don't overthink this one.

Reviewed on 2015.02.14

Wild, Hard, Sweet

by John Moncure Wetterau

Two young men deal with the aftereffects of a busted drug deal in very different ways.

Reviewed on 2015.02.10

Arizona Nights

by Stewart Edward White

I really enjoyed these varied tales from older days of the Arizona cattle business. Highly recommended for fans of Western lore.

Reviewed on 2015.02.08

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