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Ministry of Disturbance

by H. Beam Piper

This is a great SF novella. Written at the dawn of the space age, authors like Piper, Asimov, and others gave us fascinating forward looks into possible future interstellar civilizations. Unfortunately the harsh realities of economics, politics, and the laws of physics have - so far - proven difficult obstacles to overcome. Anyway, enjoy this look back to what was, at one time, considered possible.

Reviewed on 2014.06.02

The Madman

by Kahlil Gibran

This is truly beautiful writing interspersed with meaningful moments of insight. One of the best books I have found on this site - thank you!

Reviewed on 2014.06.02

The Borough Treasurer

by J.S. Fletcher

Crimes from long ago and far away - are past events related to murder and blackmail in a remote English town? This is a very good mystery yarn and Fletcher's characters are interesting and strongly written.

Reviewed on 2014.05.23

Eight Keys to Eden

by Mark Irvin Clifton

Based on the other high reviews and two "major Science Fiction awards" I guess some people consider this a very good book, but I was so bored that I couldn't finish it. Maybe this is another case of a great short story hiding within a bloated novel?

Reviewed on 2014.04.24

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