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Lion Loose

by James H. Schmitz

A shipment of Hlats, fierce and intelligent animals with the ability to pass through solid matter and of great potential commercial value, attracts criminals to the luxury space resort known as The Star. Tough criminal of repute, "Bad News" Quillan, has his own agenda as mayhem erupts. A good space / pulp short novella.

Reviewed on 2015.03.21

The Star Hyacinths

by James H. Schmitz

Treachery and schemes abound on a salvage operation to a remote planet, with a vast fortune in precious gems at stake. It's a good short space-opera, plenty of action, and interesting characters - not the least of whom is the versatile and indomitable Miss Mines, mission pilot.

Reviewed on 2015.03.17

Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo

by William le Queux

Young English heir Hugh Henfrey is unknowingly the target of a complex criminal conspiracy. Assistance appears to come his way from an unlikely source, the mysterious criminal mastermind known as "The Sparrow". As schemes and counter-schemes develop, who is friend and who is enemy?

Reviewed on 2015.03.12

The Mystery of the Downs

by John R. Watson

A complex mystery, but with enough clues provided so that the reader has a chance at solving the case. I enjoyed it.

Reviewed on 2015.03.04

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