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Doubloons—and the Girl

by John Maxwell Forbes

A great book - well written, easy to read, romantic, and full of action. I wish the author had written other books.

Reviewed on 2015.04.23

The Sea-Hawk

by Rafael Sabatini

A great story full of action, adventure, and romance. This book and Captain Blood are probably his best known because pirate stories are popular, but I also recommend his book Saint Martin's Summer and other romances which are as well written.

Reviewed on 2015.04.23


by Rafael Sabatini

The plot is of a man’s personal relationships which drives him into involvement in the French revolution and circumstances resulting from that. Action packed and a little romance. Sabatini has a florid writing style that was a little harder to read in this book, and in my opinion not quite as well written as some of his other books, but still a excellent story well worth reading.

Reviewed on 2015.02.10

The Shame of Motley

by Rafael Sabatini

One of Sabatini’s best! Constant adventure, love, and a happy ending, just what a good romance is made of.

Reviewed on 2014.12.16

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