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Saint Martin's Summer

by Rafael Sabatini

Of the books I have read by Rafael Sabatini, this is my favorite. It was well written with a great plot, the characters were easy to keep track of, plenty of action, and ends the way a good romance should.

Reviewed on 2014.11.26

Bulldog Drummond

by Herman Cyril McNeile

The typical action style story where the villains never just kill the hero outright but holds them long enough to allow an escape and other unlikely scenarios. Somewhat entertaining, but the characters didnít attract me enough to want to read more of the series.

Reviewed on 2014.11.04

Manon Lescaut

by Abbe Prevost, The

Translated into modern English and easy to read, but it reads rather poignant, so I think it may have lost a lot in the translation from 1700ís French. I read this after hearing of it in a book titled Camille, by Alexandre Dumas, which tells a similar story. I donít want to too much of the story away, but will warn you that itís not a happy romance but instead tells a story of constant struggles and hardships caused primarily by the girls selfish desires and the boys true love for her. The story was sad whereas I prefer joyful stories to escape real life, but It is a unique book that lasted through the decades so I recommend reading it.

Reviewed on 2014.10.22


by Alexandre Dumas, fils

I enjoyed this interesting romance and method which it was written. Translated into modern English, it reads easily and flows well. The story is told in first person of the lover through the author writing it, and is delivered as recited memory of the past relationship. Without giving things away, prepare for a sadness, itís not the typical ďhappy endingĒ love story.

Reviewed on 2014.10.09

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