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Mistress Wilding

by Rafael Sabatini

This wasnít my favorite of Rafael Sabatiniís books. In his others that Iíve read so far, the narration was in the first person which drew me into the story more than this one did. The story was centered in the Monmouth Rebellion which was a religious uprising resulting from the Protestant Reformation in England, which was interesting historically, but it was not as strong of a romance novel as I would have preferred.

Reviewed on 2014.05.28

The Suitors of Yvonne

by Rafael Sabatini

I enjoy the embellished style in which Rafael Sabatini writes, but the French names made it difficult for me to keep the characters straight and confused the plot a little, but the steady action, heroism, and romance made up for any difficulties in reading.

Reviewed on 2014.04.29

Bardelys the Magnificent

by Rafael Sabatini

The book was written in the first person with a cheerful and personal tone which makes it a pleasure to read. I enjoyed the how it reflected the language, formality, and discreet romance which draws you into the era the story is taking place in. This was the first Iíve read by Rafael Sabatini and itís inspired me to read more of his works next. Loved

Reviewed on 2014.03.12

Between Friends

by Robert W. Chambers

Itís a love story on the surface, but the underlying plot tells of a man who was harboring anger against a friend who had grossly betrayed him. Circumstances develop which allows him to get revenge but that results in torturing himself even more. He cleanses himself of the hatred in the end and able to reconcile things. For me the book was mediocre, so I canít affirm if you will like it or not, but itís a short story so may be worth reading.

Reviewed on 2014.02.20

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