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Nell, of Shorne Mills

by Charles Garvice

This is my favorite of Charles Garviceís books. Iíve fallen in love with Nell and I crave to live in a place like Shome Mills. Itís a pleasure to visit a earlier time when truthfulness was important and women still blushed , but Iím glad that we donít have the social protocols anymore that caused Nell and her man Devon so many hardships.

Reviewed on 2014.01.14

Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir

by Charles Garvice

A good romance, in the same style as Garviceís other books and fashionable to most romance books written in that period where good overcomes evil and true love always prevails. If you love wholesome traditional romances, youíll enjoy this and other Charles Garviceís books.

Reviewed on 2014.01.06

The Woman's Way

by Charles Garvice

Youíll have to have an incontestable view of fate to find the story believable. This is the third of Garviceís book I have read and they follow the same themes as most other good romances of the period, ending in blissful love, wealth, and title with the bad guys punished. If youíre like me and enjoy these love stories from 100 years ago, youíll love this one too.

Reviewed on 2013.12.24

At Love's Cost

by Charles Garvice

This was a wonderful romance and highly recommend it. The young couple are such good people that you look forward to every next page hoping it will bring their union and happiness. This is the second book I have read by Charles Garvice and I look forward to reading the rest his books.

Reviewed on 2013.12.10

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