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by Eliot H. Robinson

Smiles is a beautiful and engaging love story. It will take you through a gamut of emotion but mostly in keeping you misty eyed and happy. There are a couple unlikely scenarios which made the story less “real” to me like who leaves their 4 year old alone on shore in the forest while going into a river on canoe and what are the odds of moving to a new city and finding out one of your new best friends is actually a long lost sibling to you. Smiles is Eliot H. Robinson most famous work, and rightly so. It would be nice to find his other works such as the follow-up to this “Smiling Pass: Being A Further Account Of The Career of "Smiles," A Rose of…” scanned to eBook.

Reviewed on 2013.09.05

The House of Martha

by Frank R. Stockton

A wonderful story! Other than the unlikely circumstances of correlated people meeting in out of the way places, which I consider pushing the idea of “fate” a little too far, this is an excellent romance and I encourage it read.

Reviewed on 2013.08.06

The Mountebank

by William J. Locke

To me, the story did not interesting till the middle section, but overall it is a good book and worth reading. If you haven’t read Jeffery Farnol prior, I’d suggest Peregrine's Progress which was a much better story, in my opinion, and come back to read The Mountebank after your hooked on this outstanding author.

Reviewed on 2013.07.31


by William J. Locke

A story of 2 brothers in love with their adopted sister Viviette. The jealousy of one brother develops into a serious conflict that forces a finale to the situation. I’m not sure the best comprises and choices were made in the end, but it ends happily for a few and probably okay for the rest

Reviewed on 2013.07.03

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