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The House of Walderne

by A. D. Crake

A fairly decent old novel about a pair of boys, one grows up to be a knight the other a Franciscan, set in Sussex around 1254. A relatively fast read with some historical errors (Like Ivanhoe, it makes much of the distinction between Norman and English, something that really didnt exist anymore during the time of the story). But entertaining enough to be worth a read.

Reviewed on 2013.06.13

Olaf the Glorious

by Robert Leighton

A decent read of a fairly fantastic character. Olaf had a life that is relatively hard to fathom, at various points a slave, viking and king.

The novel is one-sided, showing Harold\\\'s good side, explaining away the zealous excesses after his conversion to Christianity (such as forcing non-christians to swallow poisonous snakes for not converting.

Reviewed on 2013.06.13

Havelok the Dane

by Charles W. Whistler

A good read but the pacing is slow.

Reviewed on 2013.05.29

The Hawks of Outremer

by Robert E. Howard

A good short story set in the Kingdom of Jerusalum in the days of Richard I. Fast paced with a nice twist. REH was at his best when writing about the crusades

Reviewed on 2013.05.26

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