Reviews by kveto from prague

Olaf the Glorious

by Robert Leighton

A decent read of a fairly fantastic character. Olaf had a life that is relatively hard to fathom, at various points a slave, viking and king.

The novel is one-sided, showing Harold\\\'s good side, explaining away the zealous excesses after his conversion to Christianity (such as forcing non-christians to swallow poisonous snakes for not converting.

Reviewed on 2013.06.13

Havelok the Dane

by Charles W. Whistler

A good read but the pacing is slow.

Reviewed on 2013.05.29

The Hawks of Outremer

by Robert E. Howard

A good short story set in the Kingdom of Jerusalum in the days of Richard I. Fast paced with a nice twist. REH was at his best when writing about the crusades

Reviewed on 2013.05.26

The Brethren

by H. Rider Haggard

really good. Two adventurous brothers really make a great pair. Strong female characters as well.

Reviewed on 2013.01.05

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