Reviews by kveto from prague

The Brethren

by H. Rider Haggard

really good. Two adventurous brothers really make a great pair. Strong female characters as well.

Reviewed on 2013.01.05

The Outlaw of Torn

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

not very good. far below ERBs usual stuff. predictable and unrealistic.

Reviewed on 2013.01.05

The Airlords of Han

by Philip Francis Nowlan

A good follow up to Armageddon 2419. In this one we get a better look at the Mongol overlords as \\\"Buck\\\" Tony rogers is their prisoner.

Reviewed on 2012.12.01

Armageddonó2419 A.D.

by Philip Francis Nowlan

great story. pretty much the birthplace of apocalyptic future (road warrior) type stories. I found it particulary interesting to compare to the old buck rogers newspaper dailies that this story inspired. its interesting to see more detail here and what they kept and left out in the comics

Reviewed on 2012.11.20

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