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The Opal Serpent

by Fergus Hume

This is a fantastic detective story. I bet you will keep on guessing who is the guilty till a few last chapters. The story and circumstances were cleverly set up by the author and they would point the finger at different characters in different times. Absolutely enjoyable plot. I also liked the climax at the very beginning of the story when the antagonist parted from his parents.

Reviewed on 2012.01.27

Sinister Island

by Charles Wadsworth Camp

I guessed correctly who was the villain while I finished half of the story. However the writing style of the author is brilliant and can detain you until the story ends.

Reviewed on 2011.12.06

Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens

A ramble of Social complexities experienced by the protagonist Pip...
Nothing fascinating here for adventure, thriller or mystery lovers among whom I'm one. Didn't like it at all.

Reviewed on 2011.09.03

The Mystery of Cloomber

by Arthur Conan Doyle

An avenge of three Buddhist disciples on an English General for killing a veteran Buddhist priest in a skirmish - that's the central theme of this story. The author piled up mediocre accounts around the dull main theme and
turned it into a novel, a typical stratagem practised by novice writers, surprisingly found here with a fabulous writer like Doyle. In fact, it would be a short story if the unnecessary dull accounts are trimmed off. Chapter VIII would bore you to the death for being written in an unintelligible English of an illiterate scotch.
No head-spinning MATERIALISTIC mystery i.e. detective type mystery will you find here . Being an occult story, you can comfortably guess what is going to happen next.
Better read a Sherlock Holmes story than this typical 95% predictable story. Don't get mislead by the generous 5 star ratings by some readers here, either this was 1st occult story ever in their life or they are biased for who
has the guts to underrate a story of Sir A. C. Doyle?!

Reviewed on 2011.09.02

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