Ruminations of a Wayfarer

by David Hearne

Their aim is nothing short of universal domination by means of war. So far their plans have not gone astray and they enjoy victory after victory over the 'lesser' life forms of the galaxies. But now, as a persistent pest can disrupt a glorious picnic, an insignificant human threatens to upend the grand strategy of the Tharnian species...his name is Jarre. In a twist and turn accounting of his stubborn fight against the all-consuming race of destroyers, Jarre's exploits are time and again suborned by more backstabbing characters than you will find in a meeting of butlers at a mystery convention. Just when you think you have a handle on which way the plot will proceed, be prepared for a sharp, warp-speed turn in the opposite direction. There are no slow downs or let ups in this story and a new surprise lurks behind every planet. This is David Hearne's first novel and his imaginative writing skills draw you into well-crafted worlds populated by enormously believable characters.


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