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Anne of Green Gables

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Cudowna książka, dla każdej osoby, która ma w sobie trochę romantyzmu...

Wonderfull book, for all, who have any romantic inside

Reviewed on 2017.03.23
by Aga

The Pilgrim's Progress

by John Bunyan

This is one of the most important books in English literature. Its puritanical principles and even its Christian faith are both out of fashion today, but that need not stop you appreciating the true genius of the writing. Bunyan was one of the first authors to reproduce the talk of the man in the street, and he had a remarkable gift of comedy. It is also an adventure story, full of dangers overcome, so that even a child of ten can enjoy it. It is a difficult to find another book to compare with it.

Reviewed on 2017.03.21
by Bill Fry

Dick Leslie's Luck

by Harry Collingwood

I just finished this wonderful Collingwood book. The author must have been a captain of a sailing ship. The accurate description of ship building, navigation and tacking is astounding. Has he seen those islands too? By the time you finish the book you want to read again. Sea lovers wouldn't miss this one.

Reviewed on 2017.03.19
by rajan

The Dark Forest

by Hugh Walpole

Very interesting and entertaining book.

Reviewed on 2017.03.19
by dmadi

The Red Redmaynes

by Eden Phillpotts

A good read. Can guess the mystery mid way through but very interesting, hard to keep down till the end.

Reviewed on 2017.03.19
by May

The Blonde Hurricane

by Jeno Rejto

What a fun read! The plot has all the nutty twists of a Buster Keaton movie and Rejto breezes through them with a knack for situational humor that at times will have you laughing out loud.

I just wish he had survived WWII to write many more books.

Reviewed on 2017.03.17
by Jazzdude

''Le Monsieur De La Petite Dame''

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A quick read about ugly but too good husband, a pretty wife who is in misery upon her choice a handsome cousin who was a fool at first then a desperate lover in the end. A happy ending with the husband & wife going together in the end. It was not so engaging but when once began with it so one must should complete it for the sake of knowing the story. The writing style is brilliant as expected.
Some quotes from the story that i admired
"It is all over. Let it rest. The pain of to-day and tomorrow is enough for us. We have borne yesterday; why should we want it back again?"
What happiness is so keen as one's briefest pain?

Reviewed on 2017.03.12
by Afifa Shamim

The People of the Crater

by Andre Norton

I wouldn't classify this story as terrible. I suppose the best word I can find to describe it is immature. It is told more as a narrative like the old HG Wells novels, and as such it has no real driving force. Also, there are lots of coincidences and assumptions that make it seem like it was plotted by a high school student. Other than that, I would say it's a fair read.

The American hero is sucked into an underworld where he must rescue the princess and destroy the villain. A tired old tale with little new to offer.

Reviewed on 2017.03.09
by JoJo Biggins

''Fin Tireur''

by Robert Smythe Hichens

A short story full of sentiments I would say. Thoroughly well written and was all about taking taking decisions at the right moment and never regretting it. (as i assumed)

Reviewed on 2017.03.07
by Afifa Shamim

''And That's How It Was, Officer''

by Ralph Sholto

I am not a science fiction fan, but this was an amazing read as there was no scientific terms to ponder upon. An enjoyable read with witty dialogues and circumstances interwoven together in such a way that it was not easy to put it down easily, though it was a short story. It was an entertaing read.
And I got an awesome quote in this short story which is quite endearing.
\\\"\\\'May we all find our Shangri-La\\\"

Reviewed on 2017.03.07
by Afifa Shamim

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