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Edison's Conquest of Mars

by Garrett P. Serviss

This is an amazing book. Very interesting plot and nice charecter development. From the first chapter to the last your attention is drawn in and kept. This beautiful and can even function as sequel to HG Wells war of the worlds. Ignore the idiot who gave this book only 1 star as that idiot couldn\'t tell a good story from a bad one.

Reviewed on 2016.05.14
by Yugi Muto

The Moon is Green

by Fritz Reuter Leiber, Jr.

I\'m not sure why the other reviewers are giving such high ratings. This is an OK story, but nothing great about it. The characters are a melodramatic.

It\'s a bit difficult to say anything about this story without saying too much and giving it away. Go ahead and read it - just don\'t set your expectations too high.

Reviewed on 2016.05.11
by JoJo Biggins

Candido, o El Optimismo

by Voltaire

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Reviewed on 2016.05.08
by Johnd356

The Invisible Man

by H.G. Wells

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Reviewed on 2016.05.07
by Smithd622

Black Beauty

by Anna Sewell

This is an amazing book!! Congrats you did amazing... if you like horses and have not read this read it!!

Reviewed on 2016.05.06
by Tamra Beatenbaugh


by H. Rider Haggard

If a book can leave its imprint on your mind, your thoughts, your being, this is it. Haunting characters of Hermachis, Cleopatra, Charmion, Mark Antony, terrific. If a book can leave you agonized of sorts, this is it. I must have read it a dozen times, perhaps, read it a dozen more; fantastic score! Oh yeah it is fantastic score as in music. This book is music. Delectable. Leaves you crazy, yearning for more!

Reviewed on 2016.05.06
by Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan

Brother Copas

by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Not every reader will like this book nor agree with me that Quiller is one of the best writers around, but at his best he can't be beaten.

This is wonderfully droll and ironic, featuring an impossibly bright and mature six-year-old and a bizarre group of religious paupers.

If you have some Latin, brush it up.

(stars mean nothing)

Reviewed on 2016.05.06
by Dai Alanye

Rolf In The Woods

by Ernest Thompson Seton

Fantastic book ... read it many times, very informative, and enjoyable in my opinion - it has a strong message and a lot of helpful info if you like going out in the woods :)

Reviewed on 2016.05.05
by Momchil

The Missing Angel

by Erle Cox

This story is a hidden gem. Though there are a few glaring things I could complain about - like the premise that an upright man would suddenly do an about-face and turn "evil" - the author tells a story that keeps the reader wondering what's next. And that is the ultimate mark of a good story. Despite the antiquated setting, silly notions, and somewhat melodramatic characters, I found myself anxiously turning pages up until the end. And, the ending itself was handled well enough not to be a disappointment.

This is the story about a hen-pecked boy who becomes a hen-pecked husband. He has never done anything wrong, and is quick to point out others' faults. Then one day he makes a deal with the devil to trade his soul for a chance to have some fun. A terribly unlikely premise, but it ends up making for a good story nevertheless.

Reviewed on 2016.05.04
by JoJo Biggins

Missing Link

by Frank Patrick Herbert

If you can get past the badly written, melodramatic beginning of this story, it is fairly entertaining. However, it then degenerates into an abrupt, unbelievable, and trite ending. Worth the time to read, but not exactly quality fiction.

A team of explorers must decide whether to wipe out an alien race, or invite them to join the galactic empire. The politics of this are not well explained. In the end, a junior officer improbably decides the outcome.

Reviewed on 2016.05.04
by JoJo Biggins

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