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The Machine That Saved The World

by Murray Leinster

A cheesy story with cheesy characters and cheesy dialog about a threat to the Earth. The science is grade-school silly, and the dialog is, well...cheesy.

Nevertheless, the reader's interest is held well enough, and there is somewhat of a twist at the end. Worth a read, but keep expectations low.

Reviewed on 2016.01.14
by JoJo Biggins

Mad Planet

by Murray Leinster

This is what I call an adventure story. It's like those written by Jules Verne, in which the characters explore an exotic world, but there is no particular point or plot to the story. In Mad Planet, a future Earth is described in which all the creatures we know have grown to 10x or more their original size (plant life as well). Man, strangely enough, has not grown with them. The entire story is just an essay about a man traipsing about this world. Normally, I might give something like this 2 stars, but the writing is tidy and lacking melodrama, so I'm being generous.

Reviewed on 2016.01.14
by JoJo Biggins

Made in Tanganyika

by Carl Richard Jacobi

A whimsical tale that, in the end, is totally pointless. Much build-up surrounds a mysterious TV set an apparent time warp, and some unique sea shells. In the end, nothing is resolved or properly explained, and the story comes to an abrupt halt in what the author must have thought was a clever ending. In a word, amateurish.

Reviewed on 2016.01.14
by JoJo Biggins

El Dorado

by Baroness Emmuska Orczy

A piece of the Scarlet Pimpernel saga which puts him in deeper danger than he has ever been in before. The book has great suspense, romance, and story line. Very enjoyable.

Reviewed on 2016.01.14
by gibel

Make Mine Homogenized

by Rick Raphael

This is a silly story based on silly science, and it was intentionally written that way. It's written well enough, given the intentions. A decent read, but don't get your hopes too high.

Reviewed on 2016.01.14
by JoJo Biggins

The Love of Frank Nineteen

by David Carpenter Knight

A somewhat whimsical tale of two robots who fall in love. The writing is middle-of-the-rode, but the storyline is somewhat interesting. With the Supreme Court having recently diluted the meaning of marriage, this story leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Reviewed on 2016.01.13
by JoJo Biggins

Love Story

by Irving Cox

A cheesy story of role reversal of historical gender roles. Disregarding the more outlandish elements of the story, it is not so far off in its prediction of the future direction of our society as it was when written back in 1956. If you're female, prepare to be offended.

Notwithstanding the silliness, it is a somewhat interesting read, and the writing is at least average.

Reviewed on 2016.01.13
by JoJo Biggins

The Machine Stops

by E.M. Forster

I'm not as thrilled with the story as other readers. It's not bad - just too cerebral for me, and I dislike dreary endings.

This dystopian tale reveals a time when Man is totally dependent on Machine - and Machine fails. Predictable at a high level, but interesting tid-bits along the way.

Reviewed on 2016.01.13
by JoJo Biggins

The Lost Warship

by Robert Moore Williams

There's no doubt that the writing in this story is cheesy - and the cheese is Swiss because there are holes all in it. For example: "They were so far away they looked like gnats. Jap bombers. Big fellows. Four-engined jobs." Amazing how you can make out four engines on something the size of a gnat.

Anyway, despite a terribly boring start and all the silly science and immature writing, the story has enough driving force to keep interest up until the end. For this reason I grudgingly give it 3 stars.

Zapped back in time, a WWII battleship crew faces an advanced prehistoric civilization that is determined to extinguish them.

Reviewed on 2016.01.12
by JoJo Biggins

The Status Civilization

by Robert Sheckley

Sheckley's 1960 novel postulates a future in which the criminals of Earth are stripped of their memories and shipped to a prison planet where crime rules and from whence there is no possible return. While the action surrounding prisoner Will Barrent is interesting, and Sheckley's commentary on human society amusing, the prison planet has neither reality nor absurdity enough to hold the plot together. It's all too clean.

Reviewed on 2016.01.11
by Leah A. Zeldes

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