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Arizona Nights

by Stewart Edward White

I enjoy cowboy stories, and was thinking this would be some kind of Zane Grey lite, but it turned out to be the wild West as told by Arthur Conan Doyle. Not literally, but it might have well have been. Who knew cowboys had such a vocabulary? Should have been written in the third person as the dialogue is ridiculously un-cowboy like.

Reviewed on 2017.07.10
by kevin

Prologue to an Analogue

by Leigh Richmond

A horrible mess of plot-less, jumbled writing. Difficult to follow at first, then you kind of suspect where everything is going, and then it goes there with very little surprise. Basically, the "power of the people" - their thoughts/wishes - causes things to happen as if they were a group of successful witches. Utterly boring in execution.

Reviewed on 2017.07.06
by JoJo Biggins

Twilight Stories

by Anonymous

i love it

Reviewed on 2017.07.03
by hien

Project Mastodon

by Clifford Donald Simak

Such a good premise, and some fairly good writing. But, the author blows it with a horribly unsatisfying ending.

Basically, yet-another-time-travel-story. However, it was done well enough to keep it interesting until the crash and burn ending.

Reviewed on 2017.06.28
by JoJo Biggins

Queen Elizabeth

by Jacob Abbott

DON'T BOTHER. Seriously. If you are a fact seeker, then do yourself a favor and move on. This one is definitely not worth the read.

The preface alone is ridiculous, knocking the reader over the head with the assertion that the book is 'the truth and nothing but the truth.' Mr. Abbott, thou dost protest too loudly.

This book is jam packed with speculation of the emotional state of whomever the author is describing at any given time. Abbott is the ultimate drama queen and not in an entertaining way.

It appears that Mr. Abbott fancied himself a writer of high literature. His writing is pretentious. Verbosity and confusing run-on sentences abound.

There are exactly ZERO references to source material.

Reviewed on 2017.06.26
by spluck


by Eleanor Hodgman Porter

It is a faboulus book for kids.

Reviewed on 2017.06.12
by amisha


by Louis Trimble

I went back and forth over whether to rate this story 3 or 4 stars. It's really in between, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

A rather simplistic story with no particular twists or turns. Some of it's even a bit hokey and tired. But, I thought the writing was otherwise pretty good, and it kept me entertained without moaning.

Simply put, a guy figures out time travel and has all the expected fun with it without any of the usual consequences.

Reviewed on 2017.06.06
by JoJo Biggins


by Alan Nourse

The start of the story is a little misleading in that it seems comical and superficial, but then it settles down into a bit better sci-fi. There are hints of the ending through the story, but when it comes, it's a real disappointment. Trite, in fact.

Ugly but benign creatures from another dimension are flooding Earth. How do you sell the populace on that?

Reviewed on 2017.06.06
by JoJo Biggins

Problem on Balak

by Roger D. Aycock

A rather interesting story premise that kind of wanders into nothing at the end.

Earthmen must determine who is the imposter among them, and it turns out there's not much interesting that goes on to do so.

Reviewed on 2017.06.06
by JoJo Biggins

The Professional Approach

by Theodore Lockhard Thomas

The previous reviewer got it all right except for the rating - a "1" at best. Terribly boring story that is not sci fi. This is just a romp through the patent world. Ugh.

Reviewed on 2017.06.06
by JoJo Biggins

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