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Black Bartlemy's Treasure

by Jeffrey Farnol

An excellent swashbuckling romance.

Highly recommended, and also its sequel - "Martin Conisby's Vengeance"

Reviewed on 2016.03.25
by Graeme

The Imitation of Christ

by Thomas A Kempis

Every time there is a need for Christ to interfere i.e special occasion when I am not able to take a decision and confused, I simply say a Prayer to Jesus, open the book randomly and go to the nearest next chapter and read it. 10 out of 10 times, the solution came to me. The guidance of Jesus came to me. Strongly suggest that everyone have a copy with them always. To people of other divisions i.e.non-RC, I suggest please read this book. It is applicable to every one in all denominations of Christians.

Reviewed on 2016.03.24
by Antony Dhanaraj


by Dallas McCord Reynolds

A pretty good story, but with a let-down ending. A talented, but luckless, man makes his best effort to move upward in his utopian/dystopian society.

An interesting read, but with quite a bit of social commentary thrown in unnecessarily.

Reviewed on 2016.03.24
by JoJo Biggins

The Merchants of Venus

by A.H. Phelps

A truly boring story not worth the time you'll put into it - even if you skim.

People don't want to colonize Venus. A fake gold rush is created to entice them. Big deal.

Reviewed on 2016.03.24
by JoJo Biggins

The Metal Monster

by A. Merritt

I found this to be so incredibly boring that I started skimming almost immediately, then gave up before reaching the halfway point. A total waste of time. It\'s just another ancient adventure story with no action and nothing of interest going on.

Reviewed on 2016.03.24
by JoJo Biggins

Membership Drive

by Murray F. Yaco

I kind of liked this story, even though I had pretty much figured out what was going to happen before the end. It's well written, and not necessarily all that far-fetched (ok, some of it is).

An alien drops in on Earth, and the Earthlings fall all over themselves trying to please him.

Reviewed on 2016.03.16
by JoJo Biggins

The Memory of Mars

by Raymond F. Jones

An entertaining story with an ending I couldn\'t predict even though I was highly suspicious of what was going on.

Reviewed on 2016.03.16
by JoJo Biggins

Men Are Trouble

by James Patrick Kelly

Horrible. I made it through only a few paragraphs before hanging it up. Bad language, terrible morality, and dark.

Reviewed on 2016.03.16
by JoJo Biggins


by Owen Gregory

Boring to the max. This is not even a story - it is a description of a fictitious totalitarian society. It is written with all the spice of a college history book.

Reviewed on 2016.03.15
by JoJo Biggins

Medal of Honor

by Dallas McCord Reynolds

This is such a predictable story that it\'s hard for me to give it a great rating. However, I did enjoy reading it, so that counts for something.

A shady hero decides to become a real hero. That about sums it up.

Reviewed on 2016.03.15
by JoJo Biggins

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