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Lady Susan

by Jane Austen

Basis of the 2016 movie Love and Friendship. I enjoyed it.

Reviewed on 2017.10.21
by tiranda

Raiders of the Universes

by Donald Wandrei

I cannot grasp how anyone rated this story beyond a single star. There's hardly a plot, almost no conversation, and the only two characters are cardboard. The story is mostly narrative, and full of goofy-science references. And, just how believable is it that an Earthman single-handedly defeats an entire race of beings that are the masters of time, space, and multiple universes? Give me a break.

Reviewed on 2017.10.18
by JoJo Biggins

Rastignac the Devil

by Philip Josť Farmer

This is an interesting story. It's well written, has a good plot, and the characters are fairly well done. The odd mix-in of some Jack and the Beanstalk elements, and a few other Earth references, don't fit in so well with the other-worldly tale, but then again, neither do they particularly detract from the story. If only the author had been able to come up with a better ending, I could see the possibility of 5 stars.

Frenchmen from Earth colonize a planet that already has two sentient, and accepting, species present. They integrate with the existing societies, but after many years trouble starts brewing. Our hero must overcome the "Skin" devices which control the actions of the populace. A small bit of swashbuckling aids the cause.

Reviewed on 2017.10.18
by JoJo Biggins


by Jean Webster


Reviewed on 2017.10.17
by hafida


by Frederic Brown

I first read this story in 1969 when I was a teenager. It was one of 7 stories in a sci fy paperback I bought. I never forgot it. The ending was awesome. For some reason I started thinking about it again. Don't know what triggered my memory. Thanks for putting it online.

Reviewed on 2017.10.17
by Danny Ray


by W.W. Jacobs

One of the finest masters of word- play... and words..ever...
A literary Mozart.. W W Jacobs.

So tragic that he is not more famous and not more read and enjoyed in various mediums in this world..

Reviewed on 2017.10.15
by Janaki

In the Mayor's Parlour

by J.S. Fletcher

One of the best Fletcher books I've read. Would highly recommend it.

Reviewed on 2017.09.30
by K.W. Dahl

After the Cure

by Deirdre Gould

i loved this book being a massive zombie genre fan,i hate horror films but classify zombie films as chase/survival films, so to read this book with the reverse twist on the plague eg zombie cure remembering everything that happened to you was inspired and really made it different and held my attention,i took my e book on holiday to dartmoor and got a few strange looks from people when reading instead of enjoying my holiday.didnt have a dull chapter great work.

Reviewed on 2017.09.27

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

by Robert Louis Stevenson

A literary classic and a must-read for anybody yearning for a well-woven horror/thriller novel. It planted itís seeds in the genre that you can see to this day. Sadly enough there hasnít been a proper film adaption that properly portrays the story.

Reviewed on 2017.09.26
by B. Connor Kriegh

No Orchids for Miss Blandish

by James Hadley Chase

I wants to read the novels

Reviewed on 2017.09.25
by jibril askiya

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