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by Rudy Rucker

Weird and wonderful. Writing is kind of manic, but characters and plot draw you in. I love Thuy and her Kiqqie(Homeless genius) friends. I think this one is a science fiction classic.

Reviewed on 2014.11.17
by muio1


by Peter Watts

I had a hard time with this book at first, because the protagonist was such an insensitive jerk (to women), but then I realized that was sort of the point and he grew on me. This book is chock filled with gems. I think one of my favorites is the approach to the gnarly alien space station. I'd recommend buying the book for that scene alone. It's rare imagination.

Reviewed on 2014.11.17
by muio1

The Vampire

by Jan Neruda

Ugh..ghoulish and silly. Not worth the time and effort to download.

Reviewed on 2014.11.16
by Kiran Khote

Doom Castle

by Neil Munro

The writing in the opening of this historical novel is so ornate that I almost put it down. Overall, in fact, it takes a bit of effort but proves worth it.

Besides fulsome descriptions and involved dialog, the author apparently assumed his readers would be educated folk, so if you've a friend who knows Gaelic, Lowland dialect, French and a bit of Latin, put him/her on speed dial.

Otherwise simply guess your way through as I did.

It's a pleasant tale with references to incidents and politics of the uprising of 1745, covering some of the same events as Stevenson's Kidnapped and Catriona.

[I leave all ratings at 3]

Reviewed on 2014.11.15
by Dai Alanye

Captain Richard Ingle

by Edward Ingle

An interesting perspective on the deeds of R. Ingle. This short book looks in to the historical documents from the early days of Maryland, to extract the truth behind the actions and accusations of R. Ingle and supports the idea that he was acting on a higher authority as this was the period in England when the Catholics were at odds with the Protestants, hence forth the reason so many Protestants came to the new world, including many of my own ancestors.
Greg B.

Reviewed on 2014.11.15
by Greg B.

Mystery of the Yellow Room

by Gaston Leroux

The story had a nicely conceived plot that successfully delivered the ironic twist that it promised from the beginning. The writing style required a higher reading level, which is nice. At the end of the story, take note that it hints at (but never says) who Rouletabille's parents are, which goes toward explaining some of his behavior toward the principals.

Over-all, I give it one less than the full five stars only because the explanation of the mystery, though clever, is highly improbable. Still an enjoyable read, though.

Reviewed on 2014.11.15
by M. Patterson

Question of Comfort

by Les Collins

A good story that is puzzling for quite a while. The hints that get dropped make sense at the end of the story, as does the title, but until then the story is deceptive.
A man is stalking a monster whom he expects will kill him. To trap the monster, he designs a new ride at Disneyland.
See if you can figure out what's going on before the ending spills everything.

Reviewed on 2014.11.15
by Lisa Carr

Buried Cities, vol 2, Olympia

by Jennie Hall

nice little book for young readers about the discovery and excavation of Olympia.
Greg B.

Reviewed on 2014.11.12
by Greg B.

The Indian's Hand

by Lorimer Stoddard

A bitter woman mourns her son, taken and probably killed by the Indians twenty years ago. The Indians had since been driven out of the country, but one day, they come back.
The writing is very good, with good description and a nice characterization of the mother. The problem is the ending. Given a different ending, it would be a great story.

Reviewed on 2014.11.12
by Lisa Carr

Voyage To Eternity

by Stephen Marlowe

For thirty years young men have been selected by lottery for a top secret government program known as the "Nowhere Journey". The duty is on a rotational basis, yet no one has ever returned. This novella follows the journey of 26 year old Kit Temple as he takes the Nowhere Journey farther than anyone before. The book has some interesting ideas but unfortunately the ending fails to tie up some loose ends.

Reviewed on 2014.11.11
by bhold

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