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Hunter Patrol

by H. Beam Piper

Another re-run of time travel paradoxes resolved by the changes to the past creating exactly the future that is desired to be avoided. The writing and characterization are pretty well done. Worth the read, but don't expect anything joltingly new here.

Reviewed on 2015.07.29
by JoJo Biggins

How to Write Letters (Formerly The Book of Letters)

by Mary Owens Crowther

good to study

Reviewed on 2015.07.28

The Tempest

by William Shakespeare

very good

Reviewed on 2015.07.28
by gaytri

The Chromatic Ghosts of Thomas

by Ellis Parker Butler

A story of a cat losing itís 9 lives. Not one of the author's better works. Only mildly entertaining and the joke at the end was mediocre at best.

Reviewed on 2015.07.28
by gibel

Anthony Trent, Master Criminal

by Wyndham Martyn

A little humorous and very fascinating, I've added this book and its sequel to my favorites list.If you like gentlemen crook stories this one is worth your time.

Reviewed on 2015.07.28
by mnmller

The Tavern Knight

by Rafael Sabatini

A swashbuckling romance typical to the other authorís books. The storyline and adventure was good but although the son was rude, you would have expected more maternal feelings toward him, so the ending wasnít as heartwarming as I would have preferred.

Reviewed on 2015.07.27
by gibel

On the Iron at Big Cloud

by Frank L. Packard

This is some really interesting reading.It's more a like a collection of short railroad stories,very well written.

Reviewed on 2015.07.27
by mnmller

The Beach Scene

by Albert Berg

Well, yes, I did see the ending coming from almost the first time the painting was mentioned. I must be too blasť, stuff like this doesn't thrill me or give me nightmares.
If you like boogie-boogie stories, you might like this, other reviewers have. When you've finished it, please download The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Reviewed on 2015.07.27
by Lisa Carr

Captain Innocencio

by Rex Beach

A rather amoral Haitian seaman decides the tribal law of the San Blas natives forbidding outsiders to interbreed with them doesn't apply to him. He has noticed a native girl and means to have her.
An easy-going story of doom, with much good description, bloody action, and good characterizations. If you like Caribbean adventure stories, this is a good one.

Reviewed on 2015.07.27
by Lisa Carr

Doom of the Griffiths

by Elizabeth Gaskell

A Welsh traitor is condemned to a long life of scorn and cursed that his children will always have bad luck, and in the 10th generation the son will kill the father and the family line will end. This is the story of the 9th and 10th generations, and the slowly evolving resolution of the curse.
Some good descriptions and plotting. I felt it was a short story rather than a historical account, just as Hamlet is a play rather than a historical account.

Reviewed on 2015.07.27
by Lisa Carr

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