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The Middle of Things

by J.S. Fletcher

A very good book with interesting plot. Very easy to read and understand.
The middle of things is a masterpiece from J.S Fletcher. I love his detective fiction very much. This is first book I read of Fletcher. Wonderful.

Reviewed on 2015.11.16
by Naren arya

The Banshee

by Elliott O'Donnell

I liked this book. It gives many accounts of Banshee haunting and difines what a Banshee is. It mentions that only the ancient Irish families have true Banshee hauntings

Reviewed on 2015.11.14
by Greg B.

Acres of Diamonds

by Russell H. Conwell

I couldn't read more than a few pages, it seemed to me a eulogy of the modern Western culture whereby people are judged by what they have. So if you are successful, you deserve it (and can keep the proceeds without conscience, while feeling annoyed about having to pay taxes), and if you are not successful then it is you to blame, not society which failed you in any way. This encourages selfishness and intolerance, which I think we have quite enough of in our society.

Quite apart from the moral note, I also dislike his tone which is judgemental, polemic and ultimately unkind. Not my thing at all.

Reviewed on 2015.11.14
by Katrine

A Budget of Christmas Tales by Charles Dickens and Others

by Charles Dickens

I like reading English books.

Thanks for your help.

Reviewed on 2015.11.13
by María Elena


by Mary Twomey

A highly engaging tale of an other-world populated by creatures known only in the fairytales of Earth. A young lady is whisked away into this land and caught up in an adventure in which she must thwart the Queen of the Sirens be she is hunted down and killed.

This is a 9 out of 10 star story, but alas, I had to choose between 4 and 5 stars, and chose the side of imperfection. Some oddities in the writing, such as repeating the same lines almost verbatim two or three times within a few paragraphs, and the prolific use of unnecessary crudities kept me from giving the 5th star. That, and the fact that this is the first book in a series, and it leaves you completely hanging at the end - with no 2nd book available on this site.

Well worth a read.

Reviewed on 2015.11.12
by JoJo Biggins

Gees' First Case

by E. Charles Vivian

I was a little bored when reading the first part of the story but then I got hooked when I got to the middle part. Not the best detective story that I've read but it's entertaining enough.

Reviewed on 2015.11.11
by jhelhen

Grey Shapes

by E. Charles Vivian

Not the best werewolf story I've read but it's entertaining enough. I like the fact that the story delves into the supernatural 'cause I'm a huge fan of that genre. Great read :)

Reviewed on 2015.11.11
by jhelhen

The Last Gentleman

by Rory Magill

I felt totally robbed after reading this story. It is pointless and leaves you hanging with no satisfaction at all. Simply put, it's about the end of the world and there's little more to it than that.

Reviewed on 2015.11.10
by JoJo Biggins

Awful Disclosures

by Maria Monk

Having read this book some years ago iam in the frame of mind that every word to be true.While i was working and staying at a convent called St.Mary,s in Dundee Scotland for a week i witnessed some very physical touchie touchie feelie feelie goings on between the young priests and young nuns in the grounds at night.The catholic church should be held to account for all the dirty going ons of all including cardinal Winning who was from Glasgow now in hiding in the wee town of Dunbar.

Reviewed on 2015.11.10
by Jim Dalziel

The Green Helmet and Other Poems

by William Butler Yeats

The title work is last in the book: a play in verse concerning an Irish legend of three heroes, a shape-shifter from the sea, and his army of cat-headed followers.
The remainder of the book is minor poems praising women, lamenting lost youth, insulting imitators, and puzzling over love. Nothing is astounding, but there is consistent good writing, with some memorable lines: "cling close to me; since you were gone, My barren thoughts have chilled me to the bone." "where's the wild dog that has praised his fleas?" "begone From this unlucky country that was made when the devil spat."
You can do worse than reading this one.

Reviewed on 2015.11.10
by Lisa Carr

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