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Prison of a Billion Years

by C.H. Thames

This is a tired old tale of the future going back in time to create the past that eventually creates the future. It's been done too many times, and nothing new here to make it interesting.

Reviewed on 2017.05.31
by JoJo Biggins

The Eye of Zeitoon

by Talbot Mundy

Absolutely suspenseful story based on a very true-to-facts and credible historical accounts of the large-scale massacres of the Armenian population of Ottoman Turkey carried out by bloodthirsty Turkish, Kurdish and Circassian moslem mobs in the tragic months following the April 1909 massacres of Armenians in Adana and Cilicia proper; it is a must-read for all Armenians and Westerners that are keen on the history of the last years of the Ottoman Turkish Empire and Armenians' tragic sufferings of the times as the author illustriously tells an adventurous story with very credible characters of Zeytoun Armenian freedom fighters, road-robber gypsies, murderous Turks and a group of Anglo-Saxon refined men set out on the adventure of a lifetime in Anatolia at the times of Ottoman Turkey's militarization and ruthless persecution and massacres of its Christian subjects, in particular the Armenians of Ottoman Turkey...

Reviewed on 2017.05.29
by Vahe Achikian

The Thirty-Nine Steps

by John Buchan

I quite enjoy reading of this book.

Reviewed on 2017.05.27
by ferri

Prelude to Space

by Robert W. Haseltine

This story has some good potential, but it just really goes nowhere. Very short, and nothing of particular interest happens.

Reviewed on 2017.05.25
by JoJo Biggins

Police Your Planet

by Lester del Rey

A decent story, but rough around the edges. I expected much more from a name like Lester Del Rey. While the plot keeps your attention, the dialog can be a bit unbelievable at times, and most of the characters are pretty thin. Other than that, it's better than most books on the site. I would rate it 3.5 stars if I could, but gave it the benefit of the doubt.

An ex-cop from Earth goes on a rip-roarin' Mars adventure, with plenty of action, subterfuge, and plot twists. Our hero is out to save Mars both from itself and from Earth. With corruption surpassing that of the Wild West, the task is monumental.

Reviewed on 2017.05.24
by JoJo Biggins

An Artilleryman's Diary

by Jenkins Lloyd Jones

I enjoyed reading this book simply to find out more information about by great uncle who served in the 6th Wisconsin Light Artillery Battery.

Reviewed on 2017.05.20
by Dr. Timothy Ruppert


by William Shakespeare

Hamlet is a very good book, but I much prefer a Ham Omelet.

Reviewed on 2017.05.19

The Skylark of Space

by E. E. ''Doc'' Smith

Quite a nice read don't let negative reviews discourage you

Reviewed on 2017.05.12
by Mykel

The Plotters

by Alexander Blade

Wow. This was a 5-star story right up until the very end. Then, the author bungles it with stupidity and simplicity. Worth reading, but be prepared for the letdown.

Reviewed on 2017.05.10
by JoJo Biggins

The Point of View

by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum

This story is so silly that I bailed after about 6 pages. Not worth the time.

Reviewed on 2017.05.10
by JoJo Biggins

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