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78,588 copies of 11,420 titles have been downloaded this week.
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The Edge of the Knife
by H. Beam Piper
downloads: 123
Malignant Self Love
by Shmuel Vaknin
downloads: 123
The Horse's Mouth
by Edward Mayhew
downloads: 122
The Fighting Edge
by William MacLeod Raine
downloads: 122
The Best Ghost Stories
by Various Authors
downloads: 121
Parnassus on Wheels
by Christopher Morley
downloads: 121
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, vol 1
by Mark Twain
downloads: 120
The Advance of Science in the Last Half-Century
by Thomas Henry Huxley
downloads: 120
Jack of No Trades
by Charles Cottrell
downloads: 119
Decline of Science in England
by Charles Babbage
downloads: 119

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