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52,950 copies of 10,091 titles have been downloaded this week.
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Forty-Six Years in the Army
by John M. Schofield
downloads: 125
The Sandman: His Sea Stories
by William John Hopkins
downloads: 125
Alice in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
downloads: 123
by Bram Stoker
downloads: 122
The Ward of King Canute
by Ottilie A. Liljencrantz
downloads: 122
Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare
downloads: 122
Fabre, Poet of Science
by G.V. Legros
downloads: 122
Giant Hours With Poet Preachers
by William L. Stidger
downloads: 121
Clash of the Sissies
by Graham Parke
downloads: 121
Poet-Lore: A Quarterly Magazine of Letters
by Hermann Sudermann
downloads: 119

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