Enquire Within Upon Everything

The Great Victorian Domestic Standby

Author: Anonymous
Published: 1894
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of the water. A great deal of what is brought to London has been packed in ice, and comes from the Scotch and Irish rivers, and, though perfectly fresh, is not quite equal to salmon from English streams.

6. Herrings

should be eaten when very fresh; and, like mackerel, will not remain good many hours after they are caught. But they are excellent, especially for breakfast relishes, either salted, split, dried, and peppered, or pickled. Mackerel are very good when prepared in either of these ways.

7. Fresh Water Fish.

The remarks as to firmness and clear fresh eyes apply to this variety of fish, of which there are carp, tench, pike, perch, &c.

8. Lobsters

recently caught, have always some remains of muscular action in the claws, which may be excited by pressing the eyes with the finger; when this cannot be produced, the lobster must have been too long kept. When boiled, the tail preserves its elasticity if fresh, but loses it as soon as it becomes stale. The heaviest


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C. Alan Loewen

From Wikipedia:

"Enquire Within Upon Everything was a how-to book for domestic life, first published in 1856 by Houlston and Sons of Paternoster Square in London, and then continuously reprinted in many new and updated editions as additional information and articles were added. The book was created with the intention of providing encyclopedic information on a topics as diverse as etiquette, parlor games, cake recipes, laundry tips, holiday preparation and first aid."

For those looking to recreate a Victorian atmosphere, study domestic English history, or be more accurate in their writing of historic fiction, this lengthy encyclopedia on English home life is priceless.

A word of warning: some of the advice will shorten your life, not lengthen it. Take it all with a grain of salt.

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