Celtic Literature

Author: Matthew Arnold
Language: English
Wordcount: 41,628 / 124 pg
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Genres: History, Non-fiction

eople. Articles like those of the Times are attributed to the want of sympathy and of sweetness of disposition in the English nature, and the whole English people gets the blame of them. And deservedly; for from some such ground of want of sympathy and sweetness in the English nature, do articles like those of the Times come, and to some such ground do they make appeal. The sympathetic and social virtues of the French nature, on the other hand, actually repair the breaches made by oppressive deeds of the Government, and create, among populations joined with France as the Welsh and Irish are joined with England, a sense of liking and attachment towards the French people. The French Government may discourage the German language in Alsace and prohibit Eisteddfods in Brittany; but the Journal des Debats never treats German music and poetry as mischievous lumber, nor tells the Bretons that the sooner all Breton specialities disappear from the face of the earth the better. Accordingly, the Bretons and Alsatians hav


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This is really not that good, there's an awful lot of waffle and personal opinions and little about the subject except the most sweeping of statements.

It's ironic that the only person to review this so far is Greg Homer because like him the author is overly fond of the sound of his own voice, repetitive and nowhere near as amusing as he thinks he is.

Greg Homer

Much of the included literature is pedantic and amateurish--'Ode to Red Auerbach' by Tom Heinson, 'Parque Floor Sonnets' by K.C. Jones, 'Ace McFale Wins the Day!' by Kevin McHale, being three examples you may wish to avoid.

But the work of Robert Parrish is absolutely ethereal! Written under the pen name 'Robert Pinsky' Parrish's poems, essays, and short stories make this book a must read.

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