Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.

Published: 1900
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If this book contributes to the general interest in these plants as objects of nature worthy of observation, if it succeeds in aiding those who are seeking information of the edible kinds, and stimulates some students to undertake the advancement of our knowledge of this group, it will serve the purpose the author had in mind in its preparation. (Illustrated version available at )

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s not a movable ring, but is joined to the stem. It is very delicate, easily rubbed off, or may be even washed off during rains.

=Parts Present in Other Mushrooms--The Volva.=--Some other mushrooms, like the deadly Amanita (Amanita phalloides) and other species of the genus Amanita, have, in addition to the cap, gills, stem, and ring, a more or less well formed cup-like structure attached to the lower end of the stem, and from which the stem appears to spring. (Figs. 55, 72, etc.) This is the volva, sometimes popularly called the "death cup," or "poison cup." This structure is a very important one to observe, though its presence by no means indicates in all cases that the plant is poisonous. It will be described more in detail in treating of the genus Amanita, where the illustrations should also be consulted.

[Illustration: FIGURE 2.--Agaricus campestris. "Buttons" just appearing through the sod. Some spawn at the left lower corner. Soil removed from

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