How Sammy Went to Coral-Land

Language: English
Wordcount: 14,252 / 47 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70.4
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 271 686
Genre: Young Readers

e the journey came near having an untimely ending for, unheeding Aunt Sheen's caution as to strange flies, he leaped eagerly at a particularly beautiful one poised over his head. Fortunately for our hero a strong puff of wind blew the fly aside at that moment, but not before the cruel hook which was concealed in it had grazed his tender mouth.

A good deal scared by his adventure, and feeling much less self-confident, Sammy swam away, resolved to avoid all suspicious insects in the future. He had several other narrow escapes at this stage of his journey, but they are not important enough to mention here.

But always as he journeyed on the river grew wider and wider, deeper and deeper. Strange dark shapes passed over his head, strange fish swam past him, the banks seemed very far away, and the currents were strong and hard to swim against.

For quite a while there had been a new and delightfully salt taste and smell to the water, it became stronger and stronger as he went on; then there was a

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