Northanger Abbey

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Author: Jane Austen
Published: 1818
Language: English
Wordcount: 78,187 / 224 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 77.8
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 29,125 697
Genres: Gothic, Satire, Audiobook

The terror of Northanger Abbey had no name, no shape -- yet it menaced Catherine Morland in the dead of night! Published posthumously.

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s but the high feathers of some of the ladies. Still they moved on -- something better was yet in view; and by a continued exertion of strength and ingenuity they found themselves at last in the passage behind the highest bench. Here there was something less of crowd than below; and hence Miss Morland had a comprehensive view of all the company beneath her, and of all the dangers of her late passage through them. It was a splendid sight, and she began, for the first time that evening, to feel herself at a ball: she longed to dance, but she had not an acquaintance in the room. Mrs. Allen did all that she could do in such a case by saying very placidly, every now and then, "I wish you could dance, my dear -- I wish you could get a partner." For some time her young friend felt obliged to her for these wishes; but they were repeated so often, and proved so totally ineffectual, that Catherine grew tired at last, and would thank her no more.

They were not long able, however, to enjoy the repose of the eminen


Average Rating of 3.5 from 6 reviews: ****

All Austen's novels are excellent, maybe except Mansfield Park. This one is a little gem. I read Northanger Abbey several times (both in my language and in english). I like it very much. The story is quite simple but has all Jane Austen is famous for.
There are a few "heavier" pages and dialogues but overall - an incredibly witty and refreshing little book.

Dai Alanye

This is rightly held to be the weakest of Austen's completed novels, but reading it a second time after the passage of many years I was struck by how much humor—irony, sarcasm, and general drollery—the story's initial half contains.

In the latter portion Jane gets into philosophy and summarization, so we can't fully enjoy the moral triumph of the heroine. Too bad, but still worth reading.


You can tell that this one of Austen first efforts, she is much heavier handed than she is in later books. The story is choppy, she starts things and doesn't finish them. Worth reading if you like Austen, it really helps highlight her growth as an author.


This in my opinion is Jane Austen's lightest, yet one of the most satirical novels. She is much better in later novels in terms of story composition - here, she sometimes picks up threads never to properly explore them. But its in-your-face satire never ceases to amaze you.

Northanger Abbey was Jane Austen’s first finished novel, though it was published much later. As such, you can see the author's ideas in formation, which will get matured in later works. You can see the thoughts uppermost in her mind - her defence of female novelists, her contempt of marriages based on financial motives, her pshawing social mores, so much that she doesn't spare even the hero and heroine of the story.

A must read for Austen aficionados, optional for the rest.

Jane Austen meets Nancy Drew

First this is not a gothic novel, nor is it a lampoon of gothic novels, rather a little satire on the effects of gothic novels upon impressionable young ladies with active imaginations.

Catherine Morland is our impressionable young lady looking for adventure and romance. She goes to Bath for the first time and enjoys the social life, balls, carriage rides, nature walks and especially discussing the latest novels with her best friend. She meets Henry Tilney, she likes Henry, she’s pretty sure Henry likes her. She meets Henry’s sister, they like each other. She meets Henry’s father General Tilney, he very much likes her and invites her to spend time with the family at their estate, Northanger Abbey. She, would very much like to go.

Catherine is sure anything as old as Northanger Abbey must have as many mysteries as it has rooms, of which there are many. The general begins to behave mysteriously. While he treats Catherine with great Kindness he does seem to have a temper that tends to make others... nervous. Catherine begins sleuthing around the Abbey trying to figure out why everybody is so nervous.

The general is not happy and when Papa’s unhappy then everybody’s unhappy.

Catherine learns that in England one need not fear ghouls or vampires but that doesn’t mean one should not fear…

Kinds of a juvenile tale, not bad mind you, a little humor, a little mystery, a little tension, a little romance, a little lesson…bout what’s real


Well, to put this book in context, it's like Scary Movie but for the early Victorian era. The whole novel parodies many popular gothic novels at the time, lacing itself with the usual satire of English society. It can be funny to some, but I thought it was a tad bit boring.



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