A Reversion To Type

Author: Josephine Daskam Bacon (Ingraham Lovell)
Published: 1903
Language: English
Wordcount: 6,572 / 26 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 71
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 587
Added to site: 2007.11.07
mnybks.net#: 18922
Genre: Short Story

townspeople on these occasions, and the two latter classes were expected to effect a social fusion with the former--which linked it, to some minds, a little too obviously with professional duties.

She might call on the head of her department, who was suffering from some slight indisposition, and receive minute advice as to the conduct of her classes, mingled with general criticism of various colleagues and their methods. She might make a number of calls; but if there is one situation in which the futility of these social mockeries becomes most thoroughly obvious, it is the situation presented by an attempt to imitate the conventional society life in a woman's college. And yet--she had gone over the whole question so often--what a desert of awkwardness and learned provincialism such a college would be without the attempt! How often she had cordially agreed to the statement that it was precisely because of its insistence upon this connection with the forms and relations of normal life that her college w


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Lisa Carr

A charming, and even a little sophisticated story of a 30 year old assistant instructor of German at a woman’s college on the US east coast. She finds her job tedious and reminisces about the year she spent in Germany seven years ago.
On a whim, she writes to the German man whose proposal she rejected so long ago. The she begins to transform herself to get out of her rut, and starts a friendship with a student who is a kindred spirit.
Good writing and characterizations. Sorry, but no one is murdered.
Worth reading.

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