Two Poets

Language: English
Wordcount: 55,431 / 161 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 51
LoC Category: PQ
Series: Lost Illusions
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(Translated by Ellen Marriage).

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ess; and Sechard treated the lad harshly so as to prolong the time of parental rule, making him work at case on holidays, telling him that he must learn to earn his own living, so as to recompense his poor old father, who was slaving his life out to give him an education.

Then the Abbe went, and Sechard promoted one of his four compositors to be foreman, making his choice on the future bishop's recommendation of the man as an honest and intelligent workman. In these ways the worthy printer thought to tide over the time until his son could take a business which was sure to extend in young and clever hands.

David Sechard's school career was a brilliant one. Old Sechard, as a "bear" who had succeeded in life without any education, entertained a very considerable contempt for attainments in book learning; and when he sent his son to Paris to study the higher branches of typography, he recommended the lad so earnestly to save a good round sum in the "working man's paradise" (as he was pleased to call the cit


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Young, callow and inexperienced poet Lucien Chardon falls in love with a much older married woman, Anais de Bargeton, and flees with her to Paris, where both of them become speedily disillusioned with each other and end up parting ways.

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