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Wordcount: 44,893 / 133 pg
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LoC Category: PQ
Series: The Thirteen
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Ferragus is the first part of a trilogy. Part two is The Duchesse de Langeais, followed by the The Girl with the Golden Eyes. The three stories are frequently combined under the title The Thirteen.

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ame of one of those tribes of "Companions" that issued in ancient times from the great mystical association formed among the workers of Christianity to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem. Companionism (to coin a word) still exists in France among the people. Its traditions, powerful over minds that are not enlightened, and over men not educated enough to cast aside an oath, might serve the ends of formidable enterprises if some rough-hewn genius were to seize hold of these diverse associations. All the instruments of this Companionism are well-nigh blind. From town to town there has existed from time immemorial, for the use of Companions, an "Obade,"--a sort of halting-place, kept by a "Mother," an old woman, half-gypsy, with nothing to lose, knowing everything that happens in her neighborhood, and devoted, either from fear or habit, to the tribe, whose straggling members she feeds and lodges. This people, ever moving and changing, though controlled by immutable customs, has its eyes everywhere, executes, withou


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R Stephan

Romantic mystery in 18th century Paris. While brilliantly depicted, most of the people in this novelette strike me as extraordinary stupid, driven by social conventions that no longer, never existed. But even minus all the honor folly, it's worth reading for the scene and the author's sarcasm.

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