Last Resort

Published: 1963
Language: English
Wordcount: 5,033 / 21 pg
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The phenomenon of ''hysterical strength'' at the physical level is well known. Wonder what the equivalent phenomenon at the psychological level might do....

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calm. Bronson had been right. I was aware of everything. I took in every meter indication simultaneously and correlated their data in my mind, without the help of the computer. I was aware of every sound, the faint hum of the gas tubes and transformers, the whir of the gyros, the reedy buzz of hydraulic actuators, the periodic clicking of the oxygen reclaim unit. I was aware of everything that was happening in the ship, as if it were my own body.

My body. I knew that I would have to explore my new self before investigating the ship. With an effort of will I shut off my new sense impressions, and--looked inside. I sensed the rhythmic muscular action of my heart, the opening and closing of the valves. I felt the surge of blood in all my vessels. I moved my hand to touch the bulkhead, and found that I could count the number of microseconds it took for the nerve impulses to travel from my fingers to my brain. Time seemed to have slowed down, it took an hour for the second hand on the panel clock to make on


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Paulo Respighi

An astronaut returning from Mars discovers there is a pinhole leak in his ship. Too small to find, but enough to exhaust his air before he gets back to Earth. He can discover no solution, so he takes the Last Resort--a drug that is a mix of hallucinogens and brain-boosters that may expand his thought processes. If it doesn't kill him.

Some nice description and good science in what is basically a one character story.

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