Alone Again Or

A Novel

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Published: 2006
Language: English
Wordcount: 93,608 / 266 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 88.9
LoC Category: PS
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A psychedelic cyberpunk novel.

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act for marriage unread. 

He signed in the appropriate place. 

Syd looked up at the man who was still nameless to him. The man was playing with one of his canine teeth. When he realized Syd was done, he extended the same hand. 

With hesitation Syd shook the man's hand.

"Now, down at the end of the hall there is a bathroom with a full shower if you'd like to clean yourself up," he said, indicating a doorway other than the one Syd had entered through. "We recommend it. She's in room 501C. Just tell the man at the elevator. He'll take you right to her. Good day."

Syd left and made his way down the institutional halls until he found the bathroom with the picture of the faceless figure wearing pants. 

The shower had more pressure than the shower in his apartment, and he luxuriated in it, procrastinating the meeting. His hands shook. Vomit rose up his throat, but he kept it down. 

Outside of the shower after toweling off Syd looked in the mir


Average Rating of 2.7 from 6 reviews: ***

an interesting world, but completely ruined by an obsession with sex. pure smut.


Great story but read as if Google Translate had converted it from French or some other language. What ever happened to spell check, grammer and paragraphs. You run straight from one character into another and have to backtrack to figure out who you are reading about.

Could have been five star but only worth two as is.


The setting is a post collapse city state after the plagues wiped out most of humanity. Only sterization machines keeps people healthy The cities are in decay and ruled by mayors with their local police force, although a loose continental government also exists. There are 2 protagonists. The first is a drug dealer in FOC, a mutation of COFfee which now acts like speed. FOC; COF, get it...

The second is a telepath hounded out of her home as a child by the anti telepathic mayoral police. Both are constantly trying to avoid the police. They eventually come together in a telepath's revolt and try to destroy the establishment. There are many literary side trips, but at the end the situation remains puzzlingly unresolved. Nevertheless, this is a fascinating worldset creation, good in depth character descriptions, and a very interesting read. BTW the author must have a really bad digestive problem, because practically every other page has one or another of the characters trying to hold back vomiting, actually ralphing, suffering from bile regurgitation or a bad heartburn. It's enough to put you off your food.



Yes, a lot of spelling mistakes in there but you can really ignore them easily, because the book is awesome.


Rendered unreadable by constant spelling and grammatical errors.


What would have been an excellent story was marred by a grammatical mistake every other paragraph.

I mean sure it's not a big deal when you know the author meant affect over effect, but there were a few dozen sentences where it was basically a random collection of words that are incomprehensible together. I may have missed a lot of important details just because it made absolutely no sense. I fear a lot of these mistakes could have been fixed with simple spelling/grammar checks.

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