Alchymical Romance

Author: Lee Battersby
Published: 2008
Language: English
Wordcount: 3,325 / 10 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85.3
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 4,776
Added to site: 2008.09.26 22143
License: by-nc-sa

athlete of Olympic proportions to make up for the love he wouldn't feel for her. Too much trouble for the few weeks before her presence began to drain him of everything he held dear. Then she'd be gone, and the bar would be raised another notch for whomever came next, and where would it all lead him? A woman with superhuman flexibility and the perverse nature of an Indian God, perhaps. A woman made of fingertips and tongues, with no sense of shame.

And he still wouldn't love her.

He sat at his kitchen table, sipped coffee, and stared over his newspaper at the busy street beyond his window. There was no way around it. He couldn't face the real world. He had lived too long with reality. He raised a hand to his neck and ran fingertips along the network of tiny puncture marks criss-crossing the skin at the base of his jaw. He would have to visit Sir Million.

He plucked a set of keys from the hook by the phone and rubbed his thumb across the silver dog tag. There was a time when he could rejoice in the sensation the stamped letters made under his thumb, delight in the ripple of cold, roll


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Paulo Respighi

Markus is looking for love, but only finding sex. As a last resort, he consults with an Australian alchemist, who extracts his fluids, and . . . .

An odd little story, Markus is the only real character, and the plot is not going to keep you guessing, but it's probably worth fifteen minutes or so.

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