The Shogun's Daughter

Published: 1910
Language: English
Wordcount: 90,291 / 258 pg
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The Shogun's Daughter must have been, surely is, a wonderfully attractive young lady. The winning of her cost the young American officer who ventured into Japan ahead of Perry, a great deal of agony. The story leads one into bewildering intricacies of Japanese customs and politics, and most of all rouses wonder how any man could endure all the fellowship with fearful deaths that this hero bore.

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agasaki!" growled Downing. "Take me for a Dutchman? You put back, fast as you can paddle, and tell your mandarin, or whatever he calls himself, that here's an American clipper lying in his harbor, ready to buy or barter for tea, chinaware, or silks."

"Thangs. You go Nagasaki--you go Nagasaki!" reiterated the officer, smiling more politely than ever, and signing us down the bay with a graceful wave of his small fan. "No get things aboard. You go Nagasaki. Ships no can load."

"That's easy cured," replied Downing. "Tell your mandarin I'll get under way first thing tomorrow and run in close as our draught will let us. If we can't come 'longside his bund, we can lighter cargo in sampans."

The officers exchanged quick glances, and the younger one repeated his affable order with unshaken placidity: "You go Nagasaki. Thangs."

Without waiting for further words, both bowed, and the older one signed to the scullers with his fan. The men thrust off and brought their graceful craft about with a


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This story is brimming with the romance and color of Japan as it was when Commodore Perry first visited that country. Into the hermit nationóas Japan then wasówith its ironclad caste divisions and stern Samurai rule, comes an aristocrat of another sortóa blueblooded Southerner, himself as proud as any Samurai, but with a passionate warmth of blood quite alien to Japan. Of course he falls in love with a maiden of the country, and of course tragedy as well as romance gleams over the story of his wooing.

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