The Psychical Researcher's Tale - The Sceptical Poltergeist

From ''The New Decameron'', Volume III.

Author: J. D. Beresford
Language: English
Wordcount: 5,312 / 22 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 2,034
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f idea what you do all the time and what you think about. I thought, when I so unexpectedly got into touch with someone in the future state, that I should be able to learn everything. And I have, so far, learnt nothing--absolutely nothing. In fact, except that I have been able to correct my inferences with regard to one or two purely material experiments, I may say that I know less now than I did before. And, by the way, those things over there--he pointed to the washstand--I noticed that at certain times you go through some ceremony with them upstairs, and as I wished to discover if there was any reason why you should not perform the same ceremony downstairs, I moved the things. Well, I noticed that the spirit who was here before you was apparently very annoyed. Can you give me any explanation of that?"

Myself. "Our bodies become soiled by contact with matter, and we wash ourselves in water. We prefer to do it in our bedrooms."

Spirit. "Why?"

Myself. "We use a certain set of rooms for on


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Henry L. Ratliff

Plot bullets

  • A researcher is prepared to meet and talk with a spirit.

  • A dead mischievous spirit? No.

  • An apparition of some sort, yes.

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