Bidwell's Travels, from Wall Street to London Prison

Fifteen Years in Solitude

Published: 1897
Language: English
Wordcount: 138,039 / 389 pg
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Genre: Biography

Freed a human wreck, a wonderful survival and a more wonderful rise in the world. To-day he has a national reputation as a writer, speaker and is considered an authority on all social problems. He was tried at the Old Bailey and sentenced for life. Charged with the 1,000,000 forgery on the Bank of England. This story shows that the events of his life surpass the imaginations of our famous novelists, its thrilling scenes, hair-breadth escapes and marvelous adventures are not a record of crime, but are proofs of that in the world of wrongdoing success is failure.

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ttle Field--A Slave Cook--The Missionary and the Cannibal--Going into the Interior. 312


On the Caribbean--A Motley Cargo--Turning Turtles and Shark Fishing--A Dinner Party in Havana Proves a Surprise Party--Capt. John Curtin of the Pinkertons Appears on the Scene--Consternation Among the Diners--Offer the Captain $50,000 for Ten Minutes' Start--No--I Shoot Him--Struggle and Capture--In the Arsenal. 327


Friendly Spanish Officials--Plots to Escape--Leap for Liberty--Escape out of Havana--Travel the Beach Nights--Refuge in the Jungle Days--Construct a Raft--Food and Water Gone, but Pluck at the Fore--I Will Join the Rebels And Win Military Laurels--Man Proposes, but---- 338


Creeping Across a Bridge--Sentries Discover Me--Th


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R Stephan

Interesting autobiography of an ingenious New York fraudster, featuring a $1,000,000 fraud on the Bank of England (this was much more in 1875 than it sounds now). They were not amused. Although having frequent moral undertones, the unusual glimpses into financial New York and Europe make this a good read.

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