The House Fly and How to Suppress It

U. S. Department of Agriculture Farmers' Bulletin No. 1408

Author: F.C. Bishop
Published: 1925
Language: English
Wordcount: 8,485 / 33 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 69.8
LoC Category: T
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fly papers, is a protective measure against house flies known to everyone. As regards screening, it is only necessary here to emphasize the importance of keeping food supplies screened or otherwise covered so that flies can gain no access to them. This applies not only to homes but also to stores, restaurants, milk shops, and the like. Screening, of course, will have no effect in decreasing the number of flies, but at least it has the virtue of lessening the danger of contamination of food.

Insect screens for doors and windows should be well made and must fit tightly, otherwise they will not keep insects out. It is equally important that they be made of good and durable screen cloth. Copper insect screen cloth, although a little higher in price, will prove more economical in the long run, as it lasts many years. If, however, the cost of copper screen cloth is objectionable, steel screen cloth, either painted or galvanized, can be used. Painted steel screen cloth will last one or more years without rep


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Greg Homer

F.C. Bishop's pamphlet, though a good read, is a great disappointment for those of us who have a serious house fly problem.

Bishop believed 'mind control' was the way to suppress the house fly. 'I have found..' says Bishop; '..that I can actually control house flies with the power of my mind.'

Bishop goes on to give examples of this power. 'On one particularly muggy afternoon, I aligned several dozen house flies on the wall of my parlor, spelling out "BISHOP IS GOD!". I then killed them..dead.'

So, if you're looking for practical advice on house fly suppression, better look elsewhere.

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