Long Live the King!

Published: 1900
Language: English
Wordcount: 83,593 / 233 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 64.9
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fainted from the shock she had received. My mother, who had witnessed all that had transpired from one of the windows, immediately sent a servant with instructions that the child was to be brought to the palace, where she could be properly attended to. This was done, and presently the little one, who had been examined by our own surgeon, was in my mother's boudoir, recovering from the effects of the fright she had received. Side by side, unconscious of the part she was one day to play in our several destinies, Max and I stood and watched her. For myself, I can say that never in my life before had I seen so dainty and bewitching a little creature. Beautiful as she is now--the loveliest woman in Europe, they say, and I believe they speak the truth--she was even more beautiful then. There was a spirituality about her--a frailness, if I may so express it--that was almost fairylike.

"You have nothing to fear now, little one," said my mother, who held her in her arms. "You have had a wonderful escape, and y


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When kings were Kings, and Duchys ...?

Goes to show, the years about 1900 were a different place. Yet, who knows? Those times may return.

Heroism, self-sacrifice, nobility, Nobility.

A small European kingdom is overthrown by republicans, and its second-in-line to the throne narrates the tale of his elder brother.

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