The Master of Stair

Author: Marjorie Bowen (Gabrielle Margaret Campbell)
Published: 1907
Language: English
Wordcount: 91,985 / 274 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86.9
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 530
Added to site: 2010.11.08 29511
Genre: History


Macdonald turned the horse's head away from the eagle's orgy.

"It is Campbell's tartan and a Campbell's skull," he said. "What else?"

She was still straining her eyes after the ghastly bundle they were leaving behind them.

"It is a woman!" she cried.

"Yes," he answered, "we got her yesterday from Jock Campbell's house--we burnt a house of his two days ago--you could see the flames from here." His eyes sparkled with pride. "They were three to one," he added, "but the Campbells always fight like Lowlanders."

She put her hand to a face grown ghastly white.

"You keep your eagles well fed," she said. "I would not be a Campbell in your hands, Macdonald of Glencoe!"

He looked up, puzzled at her tone; he had not properly seen her face nor could he see it now for the collar and the hat; it occurred to him that she did not understand the bitterness of this hate.

"There is the sword and the flame between us two," he said. "A Campbell has not broken bread with


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Maria Wendt

About conspirators trying to remove William of Orange from the throne, it had some very thrilling and unexpected turns. I did like "The Viper of Milan" by the same author a lot better. And this one had a typographical error: 25% of the book was italicized. Which got old really fast. So I give it 4 stars, because the plot itself was good.

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