The Dangerous Classes of New York

And Twenty Years' Work Among Them

Published: 1872
Language: English
Wordcount: 112,998 / 343 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 42
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Genre: Non-fiction
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Effects in Loose Habits of Thinking--Inaccurate Observation--Children Found Incompetent for Practical Life--Object System begins with the Senses--First Learning of Colors and of Numbers--Sounds Taught before Names of Letters--Dr. Leigh's System--Mr. Caulkins's Views--Words to be Learned First, Letters Afterward--Spelling to be Learned After Reading--Quotation from Mr. Caulkins's Work--New Method of learning Geography--Geography Becomes a Natural Science--Natural History Taught by Objects--Lessons in Morality and Religion given in a Similar Manner--Weights, Measures, and Geometry thus Taught--Definition Learned through Objects--Spelling and Grammar in like Manner--Great Effort on part of the Teacher.................pp. 181-193



Italian Quarter in Five Points--Cruelty of the Padroni--Rev. Dr. Hawks--Signor Cerqua--Description of the Five Points' Italian Settlement--Characteristics of Poor Italian


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I just tthought it would. Be a good book to read... turned out I was wrong!

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