Birds of Prey

Published: 1867
Language: English
Wordcount: 162,467 / 464 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 74.3
LoC Category: PR
Series: Birds of Prey
Downloads: 1,226 1196

household may inhabit a neighbourhood for years without becoming acquainted even with the outward aspect of their neighbours; but in the lordly servants' halls of the West, or the modest kitchens of Bloomsbury, there will be interchange of civilities and friendly "droppings in" to tea or supper, let the master of the house be never so ungregarious a creature.

"You can take the tea-things, Nancy," Mr. Sheldon said presently, arousing himself suddenly from that sombre reverie in which he had been absorbed for the last ten minutes; "I am going to be very busy to-night, and I expect Mr. George in the course of the evening. Mind, I am not at home to anybody but him."

The old woman arranged the tea-things on her tray, but still kept a furtive watch on her master, who sat with his head a little bent, and his bright black eyes fixed on the fire with that intensity of gaze peculiar to eyes which see something far away from the object they seem to contemplate. She was in the habit of watching Mr. Sheldon rather


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Average Rating of 3 from 2 reviews: ***
Jack Schmidling

I almost dumped the book because I am not fond of short stories.

Glad I stumbled on the previous review.

I will with hold my rating till I finish both books.


Jack Schmidling


The "birds of prey" in this Victorian novel are four con-men who are all out to make money in both legal and illegal ways. The first half of this book shows the life of each man, and by the middle of the story their lives - and schemes - become intertwined with each other. I found the characters to be interesting, but thought the plot could've been pared down a bit. In fact, the book ends abruptly because it is only part one of the story. It is continued in "Charlotte's Inheritance." I wish a note had been made, either on this website or at the beginning of the novel, that this is part one of a two part story. This book is not for someone looking for a quick read.

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