The Mystery of the Steel Disc

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ss is or was his broker? Yet, he was on the short end of Overland very badly; that I know, to my sorrow."

He dropped his voice to a confidence-inviting tone, and said as he leaned forward, motioning me to a chair once more:

"Come now, Mr. Duncan, why should we dissemble? You are evidently very well informed in this matter. Did Smith flop and put up those bonds to go long on Overland? He made a pretty penny if he did. Honestly, is that the way he played fast and loose with us?"

I remained standing and put on my hat to further signify that I was about to go.

"Mr. Steele, to tell the truth, I did not know until a moment ago that J. R. Farrington Smith is president of the Municipal Bank. You have just informed me."

He became very stiff in his manner, and turned to his papers as if already thinking of them, and said quietly:

"Oh, then we are talking to no purpose. Good morning, Mr. Duncan."

By a short cut and a brisk walk up Nassau Street I reached the Park Row drug


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Paulo Respighi

A mystery from the turn of the 20th century. $1,200,000 worth of bonds disappear from a bank vault overnight, yet the vault is secure and untampered with.
The story has a devilishly clever criminal and a supremely intelligent investigator. All the characters are bland, and even the investigator could use a little personality.
Overall, the story was hard to get through, and I really didn't care who went to jail.

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