Spell of Apocalypse

Published: 1993
Language: English
Wordcount: 108,463 / 313 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 7,888
Added to site: 2007.12.01
mnybks.net#: 19215
License: by-nc-nd

Whose magic will prove mightiest in this final showdown between gods, mortals, and other beings?

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wide and her voice too shrill, and her words, when they came at all, trickling out in short meandering bursts, it was plain that Tildamire was barely still in this world herself. "He was different. It was almost like he wasn't the same person at all. But he threw a fireball at Roni, and it - she -"

"Who?" said Karlini. "Who threw a fireball?"

"The guy with no name. The Creeping Sword."

The air went out of Karlini and he slumped even further. "Him? Are you sure? What do you mean he wasn't like the same person?"

"There was - I mean, it looked like light was coming out of his eyes. He looked crazy, out of his mind, he was tearing up everything, and then he threw this fireball and everything went white, I couldn't see, and -"

"Excuse me," said a loud voice. Karlini swung around and saw a hefty man in heavy padded oilskins and a stout hard cap with a wide bill brim; an axe swung at his side in a belt sheath. The man had sweat running off his burly mustache. "Fire Chief

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