The Einstein See-Saw

Published: 1932
Language: English
Wordcount: 10,275 / 37 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 79.7
LoC Category: PZ
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In their pursuit of an unscrupulous scientist, Phil and Ione are swung into hyperspaceŚmarooned in a realm of strange sights and shapes.

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driver, saw Phil jump out, and motioned with his hand. Phil leaped up on the back step of the vehicle and hung on for dear life with his fingers through the wire grating as they careened through the streets. The men on the inside grinned at him; a number of them knew him and liked him. Gradually the door was opened and he crowded in. He found Sergeant Johnson and eyed him mutely.

"How the hell do you find these things out, I'd like to know," the sergeant exclaimed. "Are you a mind-reader?"

"I don't really know anything," Phil admitted with that humility which the police like on the part of newspaper men and seldom meet with. "Do you mind?"

"No objection," grunted the sergeant. "Been watching all the old crooks since these safes have been popping. Nothin' much on any of them, except this slippery wop, Tony Costello. No, we haven't caught him at anything. Seems to be keeping close and minding his own business. Working in his laboratory. Ought to make a good living if he turned honest; clev


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Paulo Respighi

Pretty good little story for 1932. A gangster's engineer is at loose ends until he hijacks a professor's interdimensional transfer machine and starts blinking safes into his workshop. A newshound and the perfesser's daughter track down the badguy, only to be sent permanently into hyperspace. In a switch, she provides all the brains and the reporter gets to do the heavy lifting.

Good character interplay and a clean plot--if the pair fall in love, they do it after the story is over.

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