Journeys to Bagdad

Published: 1915
Language: English
Wordcount: 24,319 / 74 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 69.3
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 779
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Genres: Romance, Humor, Essays

The "Bagdad" of Mr. Brooks' title has a romantic rather than a geographic significance. It means anywhere that a truant fancy and a whimsical, unbridled imagination may have carried the author while he sat thinking beside his fire or writing at his desk. From "The Bookman" September, 1915

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f I had been younger I would have pelted after and climbed in over the tailboard to share the reckless pitch of its enfranchisement.

Then there is a truantry that I mention with hesitation, for it comes close to the heart of my desire, and in such matter particularly I would not wish to appear a fool to my fellows. The child has this truantry when he plays at Indian, for he fashions the universe to his desires. But some men too can lift themselves, though theirs is an intellectual bootstrap, into a life that moves above these denser airs. Theirs is an intensity that goes deeper than daydreaming, although it admits distant kinship. Through what twilight and shadows do such men climb until night and star-dust are about them! Theirs is the dizzy exaltation of him who mounts above the world. Alas, in me is no such unfathomable mystery. I but trick myself. Yet I have my moments. These stones that I carry on the mountain, what of them? On what windy ridge do I build my castle? It is shrill and bleak, they sa

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