Hymns from the East

Being Centos and Suggestions from the Office Books of the Holy Eastern Church

Author: John Brownlie
Published: 1907
Language: English
Wordcount: 11,369 / 44 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 64.8
LoC Category: BS
Downloads: 1,181
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Genres: Poetry, Religion, Music

let us take heed, and let us exercise the grace of charity and a spirit of sympathy.

But our prejudices, which are, as usual, due to imperfect knowledge, culpable or otherwise, charge this Church, which claims to be Orthodox, with being heretical in doctrine and worship. To put the common view, this Church, which is the repository of Apostolic doctrine, and from which we, in common with others, have derived, has, along with the truth, a large admixture of error, which renders her dangerous and to be avoided.

We, who plume ourselves on the orthodoxy of our doctrines and purity of worship, have a remarkable facility for detecting and magnifying the errors of others: of creating them where they do not exist, and of exaggerating them where they do. This facility has this advantage, that it keeps our eyes away from ourselves and from the errors which are nearer home. Like the beams of the winter sun which have little warmth in them, the line of our vision is somewhat oblique.

This is a subjec

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