The Heroic Enthusiast, Part II

An Ethical Poem

Author: Giordano Bruno
Published: 1889
Language: English
Wordcount: 28,625 / 89 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 52.7
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 391
Added to site: 2006.11.17 15268
Genre: Poetry

Original title: Gli Eroici Furori

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ten farthings; and more important is the care of a prince over a republic, than that of a rustic over a herd of swine; as perchance the pleasures and delights of the one are greater than the pleasures and delights of the other. Therefore the loving and aspiring higher, brings with it greater glory and majesty, with more care, thought, and pain: I mean in this state, where the one opposite is always joined to the other, finding the greatest contrariety always in the same genus, and consequently about the same subject, although the opposites cannot be together. And thus proportionally in the love of the supernal Eros, as the Epicurean poet declares of vulgar and animal desire when he says:--

Fluctuat incertis erroribus ardor amantum,
Nec constat, quid primum oculis, manibusque fruantur:
Quod petiere, premunt arte, faciuntque dolorem
Corporis, et dentes inlidunt saepe labellis,
Osculaque adfigunt, quia non est pura voluptas,
Et stimuli subsunt, qui instigant laedere id ipsum,

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