My Own Kind of Freedom

A Firefly Novel

Author: Steven Brust
Published: 2007
Language: English
Wordcount: 55,145 / 167 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82.9
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 5,386
Added to site: 2008.02.06 19987
License: by-nc-nd

bush. And again and again, the same thing had happened. So she ought to trust him to pick up on Jayne's oddity, and, not just pick up on it, but figure out what it meant. Which was more than she could do.

Except that the Captain just wasn't himself these days, and that was cause for worry.

The "town" of Yuva began abruptly as the road split into two main streets, which ran parallel for about a mile before the southernmost ("South Street," said a sign) left you at the top of a hill leading down to where the miners lived in what was effectively a different, larger, and much filthier town. North Street was half a mile longer, ending in the company security office. On South Street, a bright, clean-looking store stood on the right beneath a sign saying, "Company Store," opposite a small park-like area, with a pond and a few scrubby trees.

 Sakarya's mansion (white, square, and imposing) was perched on a sort of hillock (artificial, and artificially green) just south of the store.



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Average Rating of 4.3 from 4 reviews: *****

i thought this was a great book. it gave more detail to firefly and i will definitely recommend this book to others


Beforehand, I've never seen Firefly. This novel, for me, was mil-like SF with interesting action, written in a personal but cool style. The persons were not opaque and had enough depth to keep me at turning pages. Contrarily, reading about Firefly in Wikipedia, I'm not sure if I would invest the time to look at the series.


Quite nicely captures the flavor of the Firefly series. All the characters are true to that universe, as is the storyline. Well done.


If you like the firefly universe, you'll love this book!

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